Heat Stamping = Authentic?

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  1. I have just recently purchased a wallet on eBay... I didn't get it authenticated and went with my gut feeling. The wallet had been heat stamped and has the same initials as my chinese name. That's like 1/676 chance of it happening... so I gave her a Best Offer and she accepted it. The item looks almost brand new and it would be a fantastic find if it is authentic!

    Would a preloved item with heat stamping be 99% authentic in your opinion?

    I will get it authenticated on here when I receive it. Thanks :smile:
  2. If the link to ebay is still up, I think you still can get it authenticated in the "authenticate this thread" :smile:
  3. I have seen some replicas with heat stamps. I remember reading on here that one member had seen an advert to quite an obvious fake (to the eyes of members here) and it had a heat stamp. However, it was unclear whether LV had done it, or whether replica producers now do this too. So no, it doesn't say anything about authenticity IMO. Fingers crossed for you regarding the authentication, good luck and keep us updated! Hope to see a reveal soon :smile: x
  4. If counterfeiters can create fake bags that are so good that we need people to authenticate them, then surely they are able to create hot stamps that look legit. Before buying anything, get it authenticated!
  5. Hi,

    I'm new to this. I am in the same situation and was wondering how I could tell if a purse was real. I'm looking at the Speedy 30 in Ebene Damier. The girl says it's real and it comes with a lock and keys. What else should I be looking for? Thanks
  6. There are far too many things to look for and even fakes now have most of the correct markings. I'd recommend getting it authenticated here or by a third party, good luck
  7. (responding to OP) Certainly not. What makes an LV authentic is if LV made it, which you can't tell from a heat stamp only. You don't know who put that stamping on, of course.

    Get it properly authenticated, whether here or by a paid service.
  8. My 2 cents isn't much but here goes . . . I feel there is a 99.9% chance its NOT a fake if its heat stamped. Why would a counterfeit company waste merchandise on throwing out random letters?

    My SA tells me - Made in USA is also something the counterfeiters are least likely to do. They do MIF because its what everybody wants.

    But, having said that. I don't trust buying any Louis Vuitton from any place other than the actual store or Fashionphile or friends w/ receipts. I know a lot of peeps buy on ebay and I just would not. Not even if they had 100% feedback and it was in the thousands. I just wouldn't.

    Like I said, just my 2cents. ;)
  9. I was told that one person took a replica LV wallet to stamp your initials, they are stamped, but twisted and gave him a new wallet!
    Do not know if this story is real....
  10. Good point about he MIU. Makes sense.... I feel the same..can't bring myself to buy other than the store, so I don't have a lot of LV! :lolots: but I'm just too paranoid, and for another $200 (usually what I've come across..=peace of mind!
  11. Have it authenticated. Always.
  12. I thought heat stamps are normally in gold letters? Also is it me or is it crooked..
  13. There is a wide range of colors that you can choose to stamp your initials, but gold and silver letterings are preferred and recommended by LV. Apparently, they have a cleaner/crisper edge finish than the other colors.

    But you're right, those letters look kinda tilted down to the right...
  14. Yes they are crooked, perhaps thats why the previous owner wanted to get rid of it? I dont mind them crooked as there are no colours on them plus they are my initials. I would be fuming if this was done to a full price wallet. As long as it is authentic I am a happy girl 😁