heat stamped luggage tag

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  1. One of my best friend´s bday is coming soon so I was thinking about giving her sth cool and original. She´s going to be in the US for 2 months and I thought about it would be cool to give her a luggage tag heat stamped with some initials on it so she could attach it to her luggage and think of me everytime she see the tag. She´s not a LV fan (she just have a mono belt) but I thought that could be so original. I dont have money to buy sth more expensive, so what do u think, yay or nay?

    I saw them at Lv a while ago when I took my cles to be repaired. Didnpt minded about them as a gift til I was at home, and I have two questins, hope u can help me!

    1 how much are them (I know there are 2 sizes?
    2 how many letters can they stanp? thanks!
  2. Great gesture, I think she will like it..

    I think $45 or so for the big tag..3 or 4 letters will be max I would say..depends on the space..
  3. that´s a good price... oh i was thinking about 6 letters... so dreamer ha. thanks bagsnbags!
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