Heat Stamp

  1. I can not believe that LV does not heat stamp in King of Prussia! If I purchase something through E-Lux, where can I get it heat stamped?
  2. i thought they do that just about any LVs..... i normally get my stuff thru elux and still got heat stamp on my wallets!!! and it's the regular LV boutique.....i was told the same at LV at Saks...

    maybe you can send yours in to some LV?!! =D
  3. I'm sorry to hear that! Do you have any Saks/NM/boutique near by? If they are not equipped to hot stamp @ spot, they can always send them out for the service. I stamped my elux purchased Koala agenda through Saks LV last year.
  4. Not all LV's have heat stamping machines, so they usually send them off to a boutique that does have a heat stamping machine. Some might take up to 2 weeks to get the item back.

    I don't think eLux will be able to heat stamp an item if purchased through them, and would recommend that you bring it into an LV boutique to have it done. :yes:
  5. Ok thank you!!
  6. I just brought two speedy bags from elux where should I look for this heat stamp? Is it the same thing as the date code, or is it the stamp under the logo tab that's the same size as the speedy?
  7. hot stamp is a free service of LV to stamp &/or color your initials. Hot/heat stamp is not date code, depending on what line of speedy, it can be on a leather tab if its not lined like Azur, or on the lineing itself like MC. Most people hot stamp their speedy either on the zipper pull or the side tabs. We have a hot stamp club you can check out some pix :flowers: