Heat Stamp

  1. I remembered awhile back someone was talking about having heatstamps for their bags.....however I don't seem to find it..:search:

    I wanna know how much is to buy the tag......and also how many letters can they put in? Is there any extra charges???

    TIA everyone!
  2. The heatstamping itself is free. I'm not sure how much the luggage tag runs. I don't think they're very expensive. I think they do up to three letters. If you got to vuitton.com, they now have info about heatstamping on the US site under "Services".
  3. if you look in the clubhouse section you can find the heatstamp club ;) i'm pretty sure the small tags are about $25 and the larger are $50 but don't quote me on it. you can choose from lots of different colors and 3 sizes. all free :biggrin:
  4. Yep- max of three letters on a luggage tag and most places directly on the bag, although I have seen 4 letters on a Papillon strap.