Heat stamp question

  1. Ok, this might sound silly....but can all stores heat stamp?

    I have bought several pieces at my local store (Valley Fair, Santa Clara, CA) that have tags; riveria, keepall, luggage and have been asked if I would like a heat stamp :sad:

    I know there are few gals here who shop at VF too, what has been your experience?

    In general what is your experience....do they offer or do you have to ask? What items can be heat stamped?
  2. My experience with LV is that they never ask, you have to ask for your luggage tag/wallet to get stamped. Also ask to see examples of what they can do because they have a huge book full of heat stamps on all sorts of different leathers, with different colored and fonts for heat stamps.
  3. The service is free and they don't offer it unless you ask for it.
  4. My girl always offers but that's probably because I heat stamp EVERYTHING so she knows if she doesn't ask I will.
  5. The smaller stores have to send requests out, the larger stores can do it right there.
  6. Thanks so much everyone!
  7. I've done all of my heat stamping there, and they've all ben done under 30 minutes...although you should call ahead to see if the person who does the stamping is there usually it's Rick..
  8. Can you get it done after the fact or does it have to be right when you buy it. do they do it on suhali
  9. Yeah I usually refer customers to LV-SCP because they have the machine and we do not. But if they want us to send it there, we will... no biggy at all :smile:

    If I know the customer is a first time owner of anything that comes with a luggage tag, I usually will tell them about the heat stamp process.
  10. they can do it after the fact, it does not matter when you buy it as long as it's an authentic piece!
  11. There are count them 4 LV stores in my general area. All within 30 minutes of each other. Only one of those stores does heat stamping. All of the stores in this area send them to that store.
  12. hey ladies! do any of you know if ipod cases can be stamped? a lot of my friends have LV ipod cases as well and i am tired of getting them confused with mine! i hope they can! anyone know of this? TIA
  13. heat stamping only works on plain surfaces. my mom wanted to get trapeze gm heat stamped but it didn't work because the leather is structured and you also can't heat stamp the fabric.
  14. anyone know? thanks!
  15. Yes, they can also heatstamp ipod cases.