Heat Stamp on the Black Neo Cabby Leather?

  1. I am thinking it would be cool to heat stamp the long strap of my Black Neo Cabby. It has a lot of texture, do you guys think it can be done? I'll ask some day when I get back to the boutique, not sure when that will happen though.

    Anybody has thoughts on this?
  2. hmm not sure. I asked one of the SA's about heat stamping and they said its tough to do anything other than the luggage tags...
  3. DON'T DO IT!!!! the leather on the black Denim is the same as the ones they used on the Men's Vail bags last winter. a couple of those models had luggage tags on them. ask your SA to find/order a matching luggage tag for you and have that initialed instead.
  4. ^^^Sounds like good advice to me. Also if you regret stamping your strap - you'll spend lots getting a replacement. A luggage tag sounds like a good solution. Let us know the results.
  5. Like the idea of the luggage tag!!

  6. I would go this route. At least, if you get tired of it, you can always remove it. Congratz on the Neo Cabby. LVoe this bag!!!