Heat stamp on Speedies REVEAL!!!!!!!!!

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  1. #1 Feb 13, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2010

    I decided to heat stamp my initials to my Speedies and here they are!!

    Do you all like how it looks? :smile:

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  2. Very nice, congrats!
  3. Great. Congrats
  4. I love it! Really unique :tup:
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    Mrs.KP0815, fashion_mom1 & aerithgirl:
    Thanks so much! I know this is bad but I think I should have picked the colorless heat stamp but somehow I forgot they had that option lol. I do love how it turned out.. I think I will love the heat stamping more once it grows on me.
  6. Looks fantastic!
  7. i never thought to put the heat stamping there but it looks great! :tup: my speedy is hot stamped near the handles & i love it
  8. I like it and I like the colors you selected. I am curious though, did they put new leather tabs on your zippers. I ask because they look lighter than the rest of the bag especially on the azur.
  9. LVjudy, Thanks for your comment! My SA talked me into stamping it on the zipper pull because she said that if I ever decide I dont want it anymore, they can always change the zipper pull. =)
  10. DesigningStyle: Thanks for your comment! Im sooo glad you liked the colors! They changed the tab on the azur because they made a mistake.. It does look kind of funny but ill clean it with baby wipes and hopefully it will be the same color as the handles in no time (I will pray to the LV gods) The Mono has its original tab (the camera's flash made the color lighter)
  11. Out of curiousity, how much did that cost and how long were you without your bags? Also, which sizes are these? Thanks!

    They look great and good idea about doing it on the zipper pull
  12. That's pretty nifty! :smile: I like that idea. :tup: Congratulations!
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    Hi paula3boys!!

    Hot Stamping is a free service at LV boutiques. It took them 1 business day but since I had school and no time to go to the mall I was without my babies for 1 WHOLE WEEK!! But, if you take it during the week and they are not busy, they can do it in 40 minutes!

    The azur is 25
    The mono is 30

    I'm happy you like it! I was doubting myself for a second. :smile:
  14. Thanks so much! I really appreciate you comments :biggrin:
  15. i love them!!! i plan on getting a Mono Speedy next week and i hope to have it stamped as well. :biggrin: