Heat in Nor*Cal killing animals...

  1. I'm watching my local news right now and there's the saddest report. Apparently this latest heat wave has killed so much livestock (cows, chickens, etc.) that they're running out of places to put the dead bodies. They can only be dumped in certain areas but those areas have filled up and they're scrambling to figure out what to do with all the dead animals!

    So sad. :crybaby: I see those poor cows out there broiling in the sun, and I wonder what's so damn hard about planting a few trees for them to stand under. Yeesh. And our advertising campaign is: "Happy Cows Come from California."
  2. :sad:
  3. Oh gosh, that's terrible...very sad. :sad: :sad:.
  4. BAAAAAAH. :sad:

    They say 300 cows and thousands of chickens die every day! Apparently there'll be an "economic impact."
  5. i hope they have fresh water for them . ;[

    eat more chicken!
  6. :crybaby: poor little animals...:cry:
  7. This is awful :crybaby: Please, please don't let anyone keep their dogs, kitties out in this heat.

    This may sound ridiculous b/c I'm not an agriculture/farm girl but do they have barns to put the cows and chickens in to get them out of direct heat? Don't laugh, I really dont know about that. I :heart: animals and really don't want to see them hurt. :crybaby: :crybaby::sad: :crybaby::sad: :crybaby:
  8. Not laughing...I think it depends on the farm. If it's a huge amount of cows in their herd (or is heard?LOL) it could be hard to have a big enough barn. On the other hand, all the farms I've seen in Washington seem to have big barns but only for equipment and hay and things.

    I heard about the cows dying too. But I think it's even worse that 39 people have died down there.

    I FELT like I was going to die this weekend. It was 101 on Friday and when I went to bed on Sunday our house was 91.5 degrees. :hysteric: I HATE hot weather!!!

    I hope everyone is doing everything to stay cool! Keep your pets inside! Our babies can't stop panting. :sad:
  9. A while ago, I actually called the police because I was worried about a dog being in a car on a hot day.

    I was going to the movie theatre to pick up tickets. (My parents and I were going to see The Stepford Wives later on that night.)

    I pick up the tickets and as I'm walking back to my car, I notice a dog in a car. The window was open about a hand's width wide. I coo at the dog. ("Hi, Puppy!")

    I'm driving home thinking about it and finally it hit me: "There's a dog in the car in the middle of June."

    I didn't call emergency, but I looked up the number for the front desk. I described the car as best as I could. I told them that it wasn't a big deal, but at some point, maybe someone could check on the dog.
  10. how sad. hopefully this heat wave will pass soon. i can't even begin to imagine hoew tough it is for the farmers.
  11. It is "herd", your right.

    I just feel really bad for them and the people too.
  12. News like this is heart wrenching.Nature while beautiful,can be a
    I hope those of you that are dealing with this horrible heat will get relief soon.Take time to check on those less fortunate than yourselves.

    Offering up a cold bottle of water to a homeless person on the street or a stray dog or kitty might just save a life.:crybaby:
  13. I just moved from the valley in California out to Indiana last summer. Kind of weird....last summer in Cali it was beautiful and Indiana was having a heat wave. Now Indiana is having a beautiful summer and Cali is having a heat wave.
    My first summer in the Central Valley was like this about 6 years ago....it's so dang hot!

    As for farm animals....
    Most of the dairy farms in the Central Valley don't have barns. There is a building with a roof with troughs for the animals to drink and get out of the sun. They have barns for the milking, but they just bring them in & out quickly...I mean these farms have thousands of cows that have to be milked so they can't store them in the barns all day long.
    There aren't a lot of treees on these farms either. Some of the smaller farms in the foothills around Sonora and stuff have beautiful rolling hills and trees, but most of those cows are for slaughter and meat.

    It is really sad.....I'm sure people in Cali will be feeling the economic impact in the milk prices (which are already twice as high as in Indiana).
  14. OMG, how horrible, I've been too hot and thristy myself sometimesa and to be like that getting worse until you die? Not "humane" let's put it that way!

    I agree, plant some trees, good for the moos and great for the environment & CO2 balance.

  15. Aaaaw, I feel so sorry for all the people who has suffered because of this heat, both animals and people, although most people can find a place with shadows etc, while many animals (especially livestock) are stuck in pastures that sometimes doesn't have that... I am so glad my cat doesn't get exposed to this extreme heat, it's over 30 degress celcius in the air here, and that's more than enough for her.