Hearts release in the U.S? Does anyone have an update?

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  1. There has been so much conflicting information on this - does anyone know for sure if the vernis hearts were released today in the U.S.? Or will it be February 1?
  2. I think it's been confirmed Feb 1......that's what I've read everywhere.
  3. Oh! That's why I haven't got any phone call yet!! :hysteric:

  4. Okay. Well, that's too bad. :sad: I had seen some posts of people showing their new hearts, but I guess they must have been from outside the U.S.
  5. :sad::crybaby::sad::crybaby::hysteric:
  6. ASIA has it.....yipppe...:yahoo:
  7. Does anyone have any idea of the rational behind the delays? Maybe there are shipping issues?
  8. (((Sigh)))

    Why the release dates in U.S. are always behind...
  9. For some reason I thought it was Jan 11th here... that's what I was told. :push:
  10. I called canada and tried to have one shipped to me. I was SOOOO close to getting a pomme heart and than she said to me in half french-We can't ship to the USA. And than my heart sank. BOOOO late USA release date!!
  11. I called all of the boutiques in the US that I've waitlisted for and each store confirmed that here in the US, the Miroir accessories (hearts and cosmetic case) won't be released until Feb 1st. No explanation was given for the push back on the US release date :confused1:
  12. Yes, my SA told me that it will launch February 1st. I actually saw the LV spreadsheet of the launch dates. I wonder why U.S. release date for the hearts are way after everybody else's? The wait is killing me!! LOL
  13. Saving them for Valentine's Day is what I was told, bigger holiday type day in US then elsewhere
  14. Hawaii's release date was yesterday (the 11th).