Hearts on Fire diamonds...

  1. Hi ladies! I have a couple of questions that I am wondering if anyone can help me with... I have some knowledge from the internet and jewelers but ultimately they want my money(!) so they are not totally unbiased!

    ANYWAY....Do any of you own or like Hearts on Fire diamonds?
    Are ALL their diamonds AGS certified?

    And finally, what is the 'C' that it is best to compromise on?

    Obviously I would like the biggest carat weight I could afford but out of colour and clarity which is it best to sacrifice to meet the budget??
  2. The HOF diamond is just a branded stone.
    You can get diamonds that are cut to the same specs that will perform (or even outperform) a HOF diamond without the price tag that comes with the brand.

    Clarity is easier to sacrifice as you can go as low as an SI without seeing it with the naked eye. Color, IMO is more noticeable.
    An awesome site for diamond research is DiamondRing.com Forum
  3. This is all personal preference. To me the cut of my diamond was the MOST important thing. I wanted a large stone also. I wanted a diamond graded with an "Excellent" cut and polish. This all has to do with the faceting of the diamond. IF your diamond has a great cut, you can compromise on color a little bit imo. Great cut diamonds can face up much whiter than their grade. I searched many stones until I found my diamond and I found that you can go down into the J color range with an excellent cut without really being able to see any color once the diamond is set and on your finger.

    Personally I don't want to look at my diamond and see black spots- so I wanted an eye clean diamond. My diamond does have an inclusion, but its a clear feather so it is very difficult to see with the naked eye. I wanted a larger stone, so I can not afford a flawless diamond in a size big enough to suit me. Also I kind of like the feather! No one knows its there but me and I can easily identify my stone.

    Also just for your reference, many in the business say that an "eye clean" SI2 is a great value.

    To get the best value for your money have an open mind and look at a lower color. You just might be suprised. Good luck!
  4. i personally would sacrifice color before the others. it's hard for me in most lights and most angles to tell the difference between a J and an H and an E unless they're sitting right next to each other. i've even seen some M stones that once set face up pretty darn white. and who knows, you might actually prefer the look of a "warmer" diamond

    clarity is also negotiable for me. i've seen some great SIs and some really cruddy ones. definately something you'll want to see in person first. but for me as long as it's eye clean that's all that matters. i'd probably be pickier about this if i wanted a stepped stone (emerald, asscher) but since you're looking at a round brilliant inclusions don't matter AS much as far as refracting light.

    a fabulous cut will cover a million flaws. even the dingiest colored diamond will throw amazing fire and sparkle like crazy.

    i've said it once, i'll say it again: pricescope.com has the most comprehensive database of information i've found. and they're non biased (they don't personally sell anything). just people who love gems. :yes:
  5. Whatever you do...don't sacrifice on the cut. You have to have a well cut stone.
  6. Thanks everyone... I thought there would be some expert married ladies here who had done HEAPS of research for their rings!

    I have pretty much decided I want HoF round cut and since it is a pair of studs I am after I have chosen the carat as .75 per ear for 1.5 total (I only have little ears!)

    So, to fit my budget of say $5,500 - $6000 (AUD) I was thinking more along the lines of getting a D or E colour and a lower grade but still eye-clean clarity.
  7. i don't know the us dollar to au dollar ratio but i know here in the states once you make that step up from "nearly colorless" (G-H-I) to "colorless" (D-E-F) it's QUITE a price increase for not THAT much better looking stones. jmho.

    if you can afford it, great! but if you find DEF's just a touch out of your range, don't be afraid to look at some Gs and Hs. if you still like the D-E-F's better, you can always save longer...but in my experience it's really nearly impossible to tell the difference and you'll save a couple hundred to a thousand dollars. :flowers:

    good luck!! you're on the hunt for my dream earrings! i want some exactly that size/shape/cut in about five years. :yes:
  8. Ilzabet, I am in the same boat... these will *hopefully* be for my graduation in 2 years!!

    I just like to do research early ;)
  9. I've considered buying one. They sparkle even in the dark. Very, very nice cut.
  10. ^ Yes the jewelers I was at made me go underneath a table to look at a pair of earrings to see that they somehow sparkled when no light was around!!
  11. shari, i bought hof studs (martini platinum setting) several years ago. knowing what i know now i would look for a super ideal cut other than hof. there are great cut diamonds out there that you will not pay for the advertising. just my 2 cents. queen
  12. Thanks for your input queen! I don't know all that much about diamonds and I thought a branded stone, especially one with a good reputation, would save me from a lot of the 'hard sell' at jewelry stores to buy their diamonds, which may or may not be good quality.
  13. hey shari! does the figure you quoted convert to usd in the 4k range? my source for hof is much higher. 1ct g vs is over 5kusd. thanks! queen
  14. :idea:i went back and read your prior post and saw you were coming down in clarity (which for earring i think is fine) but i still think that sounds like a good price for hof. good luck! queen