Hearts, miroir on Rakuten

  1. get perle? I might visit this store in japan next week!

  2. ^^ I know I was surprised to see that they made it in pearle:yes:
  3. They make the cles in Perle? I like how clean and crisp it looks. Again, why only Japan?
  4. too bad the website is in japanese.... dun know what written...i liek soem of their stuff..:p
  5. Lovely pics of everything.:love:
  6. If you look on the US LV site Perle is listed as one of the colors for the cles but no pictures yet.
  7. Thanks for the ref link! Everything is so overpriced! Perle is TDF!
  8. Wow I love white and gold so that pearle cles is TDF! :love: thanks for the link, Shalomjude :heart:
  9. Everything looks so wonderful!

    The Japanese people are so lucky, they are always getting the fab LE items to themselves! :s
  10. The Perle cles is really clean and crisp looking, I love it! Thanks for sharing pics!
  11. Oh I love the perle cles!!!! So pretty, but I'd be scared of color transfer in my bag.
  12. OMG.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the perle ! (screamingly!)

    I wish they had made the larger cles in the miroir colours as well, how hot (and useful!!) would that have been.
  13. Are the prices in yen? If so, they seem really steep like 50% above retail price.
  14. The perle cles is really nice!