Hearts Line

  1. I have a love/no love relationship with Dooney. i have my moments when i love everything dooney and other moments, i just don't. i'm in a love moment.

    i went to tjmaxx after a really long time to look for either coach or db as an alternative to my other high end designers which i can't carry to park with my kids if i'm running after them, kwim?

    there were several DB styles that i was impressed with, but i ended up purchasing a black small tassel tote with the hearts design as i thought it really really cute for the summer time and easy to carry my essentials. i know the hearts are discontinued but it just called my name.

    does anyone else own anything from the hearts line? i'd love to know opinions about the design. thx
  2. I have a Hearts wristlet. I don't like it. I really liked the It collection, but Hearts does nothing for me. I love love love my Anniversary wristlet, though.
  3. I also have a hearts wristlet, it was what drew me to D&B in the first place. I love all the colors! I don't have that pattern in a bag, but I would if I found a deal on one.

    Congrats on your bag! We'd love to see pictures!
  4. I had that same bag in my hand at Marshall's the other day ( I thought it was adorable!) and tried to talk my daughter into it.....she just wrinkled her nose, shook her head side to side and chose a magnetic building blocks set that had about a zillion pieces that I'm sure I'll be stepping on and throwing around 4 letter words before you know it!
    She is 13 but stuck in between child/teenager. I'm glad the pendulum swings towards the child part most times!
  5. i don't have anything from the hearts line. i thought it was cute, but not for me.
  6. I don't have a bag myself, but my 11 year old has one and she loves it.