Hearts chain mini (lavendar) on Ebay

  1. I didn't even take time to check it out (authenticity). It does have a BIN of $975 (rounded amount).
  2. you didn't provide a link. . . but it's better to only post about 100% authentic items anyhow. Better to not post than to accidentally post a counterfeit.
  3. its authentic and sooo beautiful!!!
  4. thats mellow's auction...

    nice color! wish it was the bigger one though hehe
  5. Love it!
  6. gorgeous bag and authentic seller.
  7. it's soo tempting, lol. but luckily(?) lavendar don't work w/my skin tone.
  8. nice bag but would love a pink one!
  9. Hi Guys,

    Is the seller of this bag a member of this forum? if so can you please provide me with her deatls? I do not have an eBay acc.


  10. ah! tempting!!(sp?)
  11. soooo cute! i'd snap it up in a moment if it wasn't so small =(
  12. wow :drool: :drool:
    Beautiful bag!
  13. is this authentic. I thought these not come in lavendar? only red pink hotpink pls help