Hearts available on US LV website

  1. Both miroir hearts are available on the LV website in case anyone is interested.
  2. i can't believe it! :wtf: they just keep showing up....with all the people on the waiting list, it's hard to believe they keep getting more online....
  3. Whoa! I just checked out the site and they had a pomme heart available. I just ordered it for my mom for Valentine's Day. I'm very skeptical that it's actually going to go through and ship seeing as everyone has been saying it's sold out :wtf:.

  4. u could be the lucky one..:tup:
  5. The Pomme Heart WAS available when I click 'purchase now', meanwhile I was looking for my friend's address in the U.S. to ship it to.... and now it's SOLD OUT AGAIN. Grrr..... :cursing:
  6. Oh wow, THANK YOU! I just ordered Pomme! I thought I would never be able to get one!
  7. Hmmm this is interesting...once LV.com starts selling retail all the hard to find stuff is no longer hard to find. Its good for people that really want one so they dont have to go to the scalpers on eBay LOL!
  8. I just looked and silver is available now :smile: