Hearts And Cosmetics Cases Have Arrived In The States

  1. Just spoke to my SA and they arrived today, but oh so limited. I am second on the list, so picking up my set tomorrow. They received 9 hearts, one silver, 2 gold, 3 violette, 1 red and 2 amarante and only 6 cosmetics cases. Not sure if they are getting a second shipment...Person before me on list is getting the silver, so i decided on the gold set, hoped to get another set somewhere but doubt it now
  2. waiting to see pictures of your set
  3. I can't wait to see pictures!! Thanks for the heads up. I won't be getting anything for a long time but will live vicariously through everyone else!
  4. newcitylady: which LV do you shop at? i'm in the LA area...and I'm waitlisted for a cosmetic case at 3 diff LVs...Hollywood & highland, Century City, and Bev Hills Saks. i didn't both with Beverly center or Rodeo drive since i figured the list would be too long anyways

    ooh, i can't wait for tomorrow!! i sure hope they have them by then, and that i get one!!
  5. Does someone have a link to a page with pics and prices of these? thanks. : )
  6. ^ go to the reference library thread. there's pics there.

    the prices of hearts & cosmetic cases are $375 + tax
  7. Picking mine up tomorrow, was told to be at store when it opens at 10. I live in the NY area btw.
    Pictures of the gold and silver are on the pictures of the spring/summer thread. Pictures of the hearts where on the vuitton website for other counties, just not ours
  8. I got a silver cosmetic case its being shipping out tommorow (also the gold limelight) will post pictures when I receive it!
  9. I know for sure that one store near me (not my usual store) has a cosmetic case in silver, an SA I dealt with before has it held for me. I wasn't even on the list for it lol.
  10. Boo! Rebecca, I JUST got off the phone with our store and I was told they had nothing...and that, in fact, their shipment would be LATE! I am on a waitlist but starting to think that even that does not help.
  11. Yay:yahoo:! I was just called and can pick up my amarante heart tomorrow
  12. I really hope I get the call tomorrow! :yahoo:I'm waitlisted for the gold and silver hearts + the gold cosmetics case.
  13. Oy, I was just in there on Tuesday since I got a call and made sure she knew I wanted Violette. I'm on the list too but she said she could only hold one (either that or the gold since that was the one I was originally interested in) since the lists are so long. I didn't figure we'd have them yet (of COURSE not, late as usual lol).
    HP was the store that called me about the silver cosmetic case, I wonder if they have super long lists too?
  14. How exciting! Please post pics so we can all share the joy...!
  15. I waitlisted for the gold heart and the gold limelight, still no call :sad: sniffle sniffle