Hearts and cosmetic bags back on-line!

  1. ... at Louisvuitton.com! I've been wanting a Pomme heart, but they were sold-out on-line and I thought at the boutiques too. But I just ordered one! :heart: They also had Amarante, Gold and Silver Miroir in the hearts. The cosmetic cases are available again too. Happy Shopping!
  2. these are definitely more readily available than last year.... makes me think about my purchase... hm
  3. I was surprised to see Gold and Amarante cosmetic cases at the LV store tonight. They has had some pomme hearts left, too. I thought about getting one of them but still couldn't decide on which I liked best. I am not usually a fan of gold but its look lovely in the cosmetic bag. I think I might end up going back for something...
  4. Yeah, I saw them earlier and posted about them in the shopping section. I want a pomme so stinking bad...but can't convince dh. Oh well, I supposed I need a wallet instead :graucho:

    Congrats on your pomme. A matching cosmetic case would be the icing on the cake!!
  5. I just ordered both pomme and silver hearts! This is strange....I thought they were all gone?!!!
  6. i just got one in amarante! yippeee! i hope it comes!! thanks for posting!!
  7. Thanks for posting it earlier! Sorry i'm behind... I was just so excited that I had to share! Hope you find a great wallet.

    I do hope the orders actually get shipped. I hadn't thought of that. I did get a confirmation, so i'll keep my fingers crossed!
  8. Oh man...they don't ship to Canada :sad:
  9. I have the violette, pomme and gold heart, I had a moment where I thought I needed the silver just now. Thank God I was stopped-how many can I have?
  10. :love:THank you so mucH!!!!! wooo hooo!!! I got the silver and aramante hearts and the silver cosmetic case:yahoo:
  11. I just ordered the gold cosmetic case! Thanks for letting us know they were online.
  12. Darn it they are gone again. I called the store in Richmond; they don't have any either. bummer!!
  13. Ditto!! :confused1:
  14. there NEVER enough LV....espically the hearts :heart::tup:
  15. *Aww* It shows that the hearts in ALL colors are SOLD OUT.

    I guess I saw this thread a little bit too late. :cry: