Heartburn question???

  1. Hi Ladies,
    I have been having wicked bad heartburn for three days now.:sad: I have tried taking peptobysmal and it did nothing. Has anyone had heartburn for three days is this normal??? Any suggestions on what I could take to help it.

  2. Sorry not sure :/ but I'd say it's best if you see a doctor to be on the safe side.
    Best Wishes to you:heart:
  3. Try Pepcid instead -- it works for me. Also see your doctor. Have you changed your eating habits lately? I know certain foods always give me heartburn so I try to avoid them (bacon, peppers, onions).
  4. I would go to your Dr to have them check it out. They may put you on a Rx for it such as Prilosec OTC. You should get this checked out thought because it is really painful and can hurt your esophagus :yes: Feel better!
  5. 3 days is A LOT! I'd see a Doc ASAP, you could have reflux and not realize it, you'll wnt to find that out immediately as it can do irreversible damage.
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