heartburn & baby hair - any relation?

  1. so i read recently that heart burn in the third trimester was an indicator of whether or not your baby would be born with hair.

    i have never had heartburn in my life except with my two pregnancies - both babies were born with hair.

    so how about it ladies... did you have heartburn in the third trimester? did your baby have hair at birth???
  2. Yes and yes :yes: wonder if it is connected?
  3. No and Yes :smile:
  4. Logically, these two don't seem to be at all connected. Sounds like an old wives tale.

  5. Makes you wonder how someone thought of that? Some of those wives tales crack me up!

    I had heartburn with both and both had hair. My youngest had quite a bit of hair, so maybe it was because I was having gall bladder attacks? LOL
  6. I had horrible heartburn with my son's pregnancy. And he was a hairy lil critter. I just started getting heartburn again with this pregnancy so I hope our little girl comes out with lots of hair too!

    I read something online about the correlation between heartburn triggering some hair growth for fetuses. But then again, I know some ladies that it didn't do anything for their bald little babes.
  7. I've had heartburn with all four pregnancies and they all had hair?? Don't know but I have it bad somedays...
  8. Yes and both of them had TONS of hair! I had heard this from my mom and grandma though do it does make me think it is an old wives tales.
  9. With my first two I never once had heartburn and they both were born with a full head of hair. With this pregnancy I've had severe heartburn - hopefully it doesn't come out looking like a werewolf! ;)
  10. I had heartburn with my first and he did have a full head of hair.....I am having heartburn with this one as well so I am sure he will a full head of hair too.
  11. I had severe heartburn during my third trimester, and my baby had hardly any hair at all, but that could also be because he was born 4 weeks early.
  12. Honestly I don't believe there is a connection. I think has more to do with genetics. I really think it's a wives tale.

    I had a ton of heartburn in my last trimester and dd came out with only a tiny bit of hair. She pretty much has the same amount of hair now than she did at birth. Dh and I call her baldilocks.
  13. baldilocks!!! that is FUNNY!!! i bet she's a cutey!
  14. 1st baby - son with fine light blond hair --- no heartburn whatsoever

    2nd baby - daughter with thick, black hair -- horrible heartburn entire time