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  1. 😭😭😭😭 was looking at my Bloomsbury pm still never been worn out and I noticed a decent sized scratch on the bottom lower side leather trim there's a scratch where the leather is scratched off and another small part is peeling.. Aghh how did this happen and how did I not see this beforeee I'm so sad I don't want to exchange it since it was a gift from my boyfriend I think I'll just let it be but I just need some comforting 😢 Do you think it will get worse over time..?
  2. I think you should discuss with your boyfriend that there are scratches and go together to the store and exchange it. If you exchange it for a new one, won't it still be a gift from your bf?
  3. When did you get the bag ? Any pictures ? I totally understand your feeling. I had an episode similar to you few days ago.

    Can it be a belt or something caused the scratch while trying it out ?
  4. Get it exchanged before the peeling goes worse.Your BF will want you to be happy with your gift, plus LV being expensive & the bag being new it shouldn't be in the state it is.
  5. Can they still exchange if it's been after 30 days?

    I got it feb 16 no I don't wear belts 🤔 I'm wondering if I bought it like that and just never noticed because seriously I've never bumped it or even really worn it. I put it away it makes me sad to look at it maybe after I talk to my bf I'll take pics

    I guess but I'm not sure if they have any more or whatnot and it's a pain to drive so far..
  6. I should think so.Plenty of ladies have had to take a bag back on here for one problem or another.A bag should not be peeling after 30 days either, especially one that costs into the hundreds.
  7. The only way to find out is to bring it to the store. Talk to your bf about it and maybe he can go with you. The store may tell you it's normal wear and tear but insist that you haven't even worn it yet. Good luck.
  8. I took a piece back 2 months after purchasing because it was already peeling, and since they noticed that the rest of it was pretty much new and noticed that I wasn't rough with the item at all, they exchanged it for me. I think you should go to the boutique with your boyfriend, and go from there!
  9. It sounds like normal wear and tear. I'm very careful with my bags as well but I still get the dreaded peeling on the DE piping. It happens when you accidentally let the bag rub up against the wall, floor, door sill, etc. I have the scrapes on my Trevi and my Bloomsbury PM. It's not so bad on the Bloomsbury but it did hurt when I noticed it even though I knew it would happen eventually. I do use my bag a lot though.

    I would say keep the bag (since it was purchased in Feb) and don't worry too much about the tiny scrape... just be aware of it the next time you use it. I love how carefree the Bloomsbury is and that's the point. The front flap on the pocket has started to wrinkle a bit as well beside the plate... oh well... I knew from pictures that this was going to happen eventually but I still love the bag.
  10. I have never worn it just literally tried it on maybe three times then put it back in the dustbag and know I've never bumped/scraped it against anything.. I'm jus wondering if it'll get worse..
  11. [​IMG]

    I honestly think I got it like that because I just went to look at it again and I couldn't find it! Until I looked more carefully so yes it isn't really noticeable and that means I could've glanced over it before but I know it is there and what bothers me is that I really don't think I did it. If I knew I did I would be totally fine with it and accept it as "normal wear and tear" but it just makes me sad
  12. If you can't take it back, dab a tiny bit of dark brown shoe polish or leather dye on the spot.
    I did that to my Neverfull and now I have to search to find the flaw. So sorry this happened.
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