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  1. #1 Dec 24, 2010
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2010
    I got a black embossed croc Alexandra from my outlet at the end of November because I have been looking for a "basic black" bag for a while. When I saw it, I knew the reason I never found one I was happy with was because I can do "black" but I can't do "basic". lol I never wore her because I spend most of my time at work or school and my vintage Wilson was doing me just fine.

    I wore her this past Saturday to a family event and then again on Tuesday night, Wed and today and noticed that she's cracking or peeling near the zipper and where the leather near the top bends when the long strap is underneath. I don't want to return it because SHE. IS. FABULOUS! But the cracking/peeling situation seems like it's only going to get worse. In between the time of purchase and my first carry I kept her stuffed, in the dust bag bag in the shopping bag, so it's not like the way I stored her caused it.

    Has any one else had this issue? If so, what did you do? Did you return your bag? Exchange it?

    It's also a tad more complicated because my mom is working at Coach for the holidays and bought it for me with her discount because the FP deletes were only 30-30 off. Can employees return merchandise or make exchanges?
  2. Coach has a lot of bags that do this you should be able to return it and hopefully find another.
  3. To my knowledge, all of the croc embossed Alex's do this. The embossing is small and tight and on thin leather, so it's not very substantial, IMO.
    It's just what is going to happen...if you cannot stand it, I would send it to Coach for exchange or refund.
  4. The same thing happened to my Black Croc Alexandra!!!! I returned it at my local FP store and they gave me store credit.
  5. Sounds like you need to cut your losses and bring her back...............
  6. Thank you all for your input. Since the peeling is a known quality issue I'll just return it and hope I can find something else.
  7. According to my SA, employees can not send items for repair...you might want to take it back and let them know it was a gift. Hope this helps...
  8. i just bought a maggie embossed one and was wondering if it would end up cracking too. it seems to be fragile when at the crease points when the handle flops down. does anyone know if the cracking and peeling is for all embossed croc ones and not just the alexandra?

    sorry to hear about your bag -- i hope you find something else you love just as much. :smile: