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  1. What would you do?

    I was sitting having coffee with my mom today, holding my Madison Carryall in my lap. It's maybe the 4th or 5th time I've carried her since I got her. I always stuff my bags with paper and put them in the dustbags and back in the cardboard storage box when I switch them out.

    I looked down and noticed the leather is cracking/splitting/peeling on the front! There's a distinct line, it looks like it maybe began as a crease, and now it's a definite crack. It looks like if I were to mess with it, it would peel.

    I am SO SAD. What would you do? As I mentioned, I've only carried her a few times, treat her like a baby, and have had her less than a month.

    Should I send her in for repair? Return her? What's the difference, and what is the process like? This is my HG bag, and to give her up just breaks my heart :sad:
  2. go to the fp store, they should b able to exchange her gor u
  3. I don't have a FP store.. I have to order all my Coach online from Jax. Should I call CS tomorrow?
  4. Call CS and have the bag exchanged. I went through something like that before. Take a picture of the damage and e-mail it to them. They will gladly exchange your bag.
  5. yes, call cs. they should exchange it for you.

    btw, i've heard that putting the leather bags back into their boxes doesn't allow them to breathe properly, and so the leather dries out and cracks more easily.
  6. Very true! Gift boxes are great for gift giving, but after that, let that baby breathe! That's why you are given a dust bag to protect the bag, but at the same time, the leather can breathe. It's also not recommended to store bags in those plastic storage bins. I think some TPFers do this, but I wouldn't unless you leave the lid off.
  7. I will call CS tomorrow at work. It's only been in the box for a week - before that, they were sitting on my closet shelves in their dustbags. I find it surprising that the leather could crack that easily just because of dryness, especially since we have a humidifier installed with our heating system. Are these bags really that fragile?!
  8. I would definitely call CS tomorrow and explain what has happened. They should have you mail the bag back (at your cost) and then send you a new replacement. Honestly, they should also refund your shipping costs to return the bag and also offer you free overnight shipping on your new bag.

    You'll most likely return the bag to JAX, and they will process the return, which can take up to 2 weeks. They have to receive it and inspect it. Then they will ship you a new bag.

    I went through this whole dilemma with my Audrey and it took about 2 weeks in returning it to JAX. I ended up returning the Audrey to my boutique and switching it out for a diff bag. I also got a 50% credit towards a new bag, which they shipped to me overnight for free. I lucked out and dealt with some great managers, so I hope you have the same luck!
  9. Thank you, Tuptake!
  10. So sorry, sure hope you get this resolved!
  11. No problem Jen, best of luck! This shouldn't happen with a bag that new, it's not normal wear and tear IMO!
  12. Call CS...exchange her!
  13. Definitely take her back to the store that you bought her at and show her to the SAs ... they should be able to help you and make the process easier for you.

    So sorry for your misfortune :sad:
  14. I bought her online, so I'll just have to call Jax. Gah - this makes me sick to my stomach! Thanks for all the replies.
  15. Call CS and demand an exchange!