Heartbroken Over New Prada Bag

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  1. HELP.

    I think it's too late.

    I am so stupid.

    Last week I went into Prada and bought a brand new bag I think it's called the Cervo? It's in a very soft leather I think it may be napa leather. And it's dark brown.

    Anyway, I didn't get the leather sprayed with a protector and this morning I spilled the remains (even though very small ammount) of my tea on the bag.

    I rubbed instead of gently patting the leather and of course three minutes later there are loads of water marks - tea stains all over it.

    It cost me £910. I could cry for a week. It's ruined my morning and probably my day.

    DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY TIPS or any advice as to how I can get it looking back > or is it too late?

    And should I still get it sprayed with a protector?

    I feel sick and can't bring myself to look at it in case it's gotten worse.

    From a Crying, Broken Hearted Prada Fan! xx :cry:
  2. OH GOD how awful for you. Get your bag to a leather repairer and see if they can help. i wouldn't try it yourself as tea is difficult to get out.
  3. ^Yes!!! Go to a leather repair shop...they may be able to blend the stains...Sooooo sorry this happened to you..Where is it on the bag? Is it noticeable?
  4. ^Oh!!! ..Why not call the Prada store and see what they suggest..Maybe they have a recommendation of where you can bring it, or maybe they can send it out for you to have cleaned..I'll keep checking back to see what happens..Good luck!! *Hugs*!!
  5. Im so sorry, I can relate.I have a ruined miu miu nappa spring satchel, I ordered it from bluefly, took the tags off and realized it had black marks all over it, like soiling in some areas . I could not return it, bluefly wont let you if you remove the tags, so I cleaned it with apple guard and it made it worse, so now I have wasted 600 $$$ , not as much as you have.I"m sorry , but dont clean it yourself call prada and ask them for the best action to take, nappa shouldnt be tampered with. I hope everythiing works out for your bag.
  6. take it right to Prada or a leather repair shop ASAP
  7. Agree with what everyone said. It might not be too late, take it to a Prada boutique or ask the store for a leather repair professional (can do amazing jobs). Good luck & keep us updated. =)
  8. Sjunky, have you considered taking it to a leather repair expert?
  9. I havent. but I should try something cause thats 600 bucks that is just sitting in my closet. Maybe they can dye the bag . hmm I will look into it, Thanks
  10. Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the support and advice etc.

    Thankfully the tea only went on the back of the bag and only above where the handles are attached to the body of the bag.

    Once dried, you really couldn't see it - unless you know it's there. I know it's there, but you have to know you're looking for it I think, to see it!

    Still not 100% over it yet as it is still there, but at least only I know it's there.

    As I live in England, I don't imagine our leather repairers would be much good.

    But a word of warning to anyone considering buying Nappa - think twice. I would never buy Nappa again. I have to watch out everywhere I go - my bag is like a child.

    It's just so easy to scratch or mark it.

    Thanks again!!!!!
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