Heartbroken....no more breastfeeding....

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  1. So my endocrinologist raised my Synthroid to double what it was (loooooong story as to why) last week and over the weekend I started having heart palpitations again. Haven't been on heart medicine since I found out I was pregnant, so for over a year. I was doing great until my Synthroid got raised.

    So my cardiologist looked and said that the only medicine he feels will help me is the one I was on before, which is a medicine that does transmit through breast milk, he wants me back on it asap. Since it's a medicine to slow the heart rate I have to stop breastfeeding.

    I'm so sad I actually cried twice already. I don't even know how to wean her. It's our thing, it's what we do before she goes to bed, when she wakes up, when she's sad and crying it calms her.

    :sad: Any advice?
  2. aww :hugs:!! i'm soo sorry your having to make that choice when neither of you are ready!

    maybe try getting a second opinion... you never know, there could be s/t else that is just as good and would let you keep BF!
  3. I would certainly get a second opinion, as well as an update on that med. Sometimes meds are considered 'breastfeeding unfriendly' at one point but end up being fine. Ask your pharmacist.

    Hugs, sorry you're going through this. If you end up having to stop, pick another bonding activity (maybe cuddling or giving her a massage) and start doing it immediately so that you both don't lose the special time together!

    Hugs! Jen
  4. I agree with your dr. I wouldn't mess around possibly passing something on that may slow my baby's heartrate esp before they go down to sleep at night. It is always sad when breastfeeding has to end but you are doing what is right for yourself and your baby. I am sure you can find another satisfying way to bond and to soothe your daughter. Best wishes !
  5. do you have time to wean her?
    I'm sorry, the end of Bfing was always sad for me, but for someone to sort of take it away? That's really hard :hugs:
  6. I probably could, I would just have to stop taking my Synthroid and Verapamil. they doubled my Synthroid dose bc my body was in horrible shape for my thyroid being under treated for so long. My vitamin d was almost non existant and my calcium was extremely low, so I'm on calcium twice a day, vit d three times a week, prenatals, synthroid and now verapamil. My thyroid is a little bit enlarged so he wants me on the higher dose of synthroid to shrink it.
  7. Oh, Hon, I am so sorry.

    First, your health is absolutely prioity right now. Thyroid issues can be very serious, as you very well know, and your LO needs Mommy to be healthy.

    That said, the end of BF-ing can be really, really hard. I don't know how much time you have but if you have some time, cut out one feeding every few days. If not and you have to go cold turkey, it is very hard but can be done. Just give extra, extra cuddles, kisses, and love and you LO will be fine.

    I found that my son became even more attached to me after weaning at first, almost clingy but I was fine with that because I needed that, too.

    Best of luck to you and your LO. You guys will be fine! And I pray your health issues get better soon!
  8. Yeah, I was really sad when my kids weaned themselves. What not Booby Snack?? They weren't interested. My milk production stopped when I quit feeding them.
  9. ^ how old were they when they weaned themselves?
  10. ^^ My daughter was about 10 mos and decided no more. My son was two weeks shy of 1 year. He decided he didn't want it so I stopped. They both were into real food and "Booby Snack" was random...
  11. aw! booby snack!! :lol: i love it!

    my SIL called it titty crack!
  12. im sorry!! i know how you feel. mack had to be weaned at 3.5 wks. but i had to do what was best for her and for my sanity [she reacted horribly to my breast milk]. so do get a 2nd opinion just to be on the safe side. and if you have to wean, then you have to, it's not like you are doing it to go out and to party. it's for your health and in the long run that means it's good for your LO too. :hugs:

    there are good sides to it. you can wear reg. bras again. bottles are somewhat easier for when you are out and about....[just trying to lift your spirits a bit :smile:]
  13. i am so sorry to hear of your predicament. I, too, suffer from thyroid issues and had to be put on a high dose as mine stopped working all together after and my dr was quite concerned about it (my thyroid is now a life long issue unfortunately). I know from my experience thryroid issues can be quite hard on your body and mine ended up affecting my milk supply (I also BF) and had to take medicine to increase the milk. I won't lie it was a long road to get it all balanced out, I wish you all the best as it must be difficult to be told no more breastfeeding.

    Have they checked your thyroid levels lately to see if your medicine is in the correct range? I know from my experience if it's out, even in the slightest, it really impacts my body/health/emotional state...

    How old is your daughter? She looks adorable.
  14. From what I can see your daughter is 7 months old? That´s a loong time to breastfeed. You should feel proud, not sad.
  15. yes congratss you lasted 7 months--
    i am still nursing--- and cant wait to stop-- my son has teeth and its not fun now...