Heartbroken.. almost got the LE SC Le Bon Marche

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  1. I was completely overjoyed when I got the call from my wonderful SA that the SC came in. When I got there, my jaw dropped to the floor when she brought her out. As I was getting ready to make my purchase, we inspected the bag and saw what looks like a small snag on the leather. The area was lighter than the cobalt color, and there were a few tiny pieces of the leather that looked raised...Kind of like the leather was rubbed against something and slightly scratched and so there were tiny balled pieces of the leather sticking up. My heart broke. I am in love with the Le Bon Marche and I don't know that I'll be able to get my hands on another one. My SA will have the manager look at it tomorrow and see what they can do, and she will call me with an update Friday. I even called her on the way home and contemplated just getting it anyway but she was very sweet and wanted the manager to look at first so she's keeping on hold for me still. The other SA said that it didn't look right either and wouldn't be able to sell it to her client who next in line incase I decided not to buy. I'm so bummed. :rain:
  2. I'm so sorry! Hopefully they can make it right since it's not your fault that this happened. Crossing my fingers for you!
  3. Wishing you the best of luck with this. It is a beautiful purse and hopefully, they can rectify this situation for you.
  4. hope they can get a perfect one for you -- Good Luck!
  5. Hope they can get another one for you ASAP!
  6. How disappointing. They should've looked it over when it came in before they called and got your hopes up. Fingers crossed that they get another for you!
  7. Sorry to hear that. Hopefully they can rectify it since it was not your fault at all! :o