Heartbroken about my spy :(

  1. I've been MIA for a while cos of jetlag and Christmas, and also nursing a broken heart.

    The day I came home, my spy flap mysteriously broke off the bar and the entire compartment fell to the floor, which then damaged the secret cigarette compartment. :crybaby:

    I sent to my Fendi boutique for repair, and was told by the SA that because they don't currently have that piece for the metallic in stock, they have to order it directly from Italy, and as such it will probably take a few months.

    A FEW MONTHS!!!! my heart really sank - I've used the metallic maybe about twice and was sooo looking forward to using her at home. :crybaby:I wanted to take pictures of how much I was able to squeeze into the spy as well.. but alas. No pictures because she's gone into surgery:sad:

    Just wanted to share because I know you ladies will understand how upset I feel... BF was just like "It doesn't matter, you still have other bags." But he doesn't understand it was THE metallic spy. :wtf:
  2. Oh that sucks! I'm so sorry that this happened to your bag. Have you tried calling other boutiques? A couple months is such a long time to wait! :sad: Hang in there. Maybe getting one of the upcoming spies will help!
  3. Pyrexia,

    So sorry to hear about it!
  4. :wtf: Py, I'm so sorry that happened. I hope they surprise you by getting the piece for your spy sooner than a few months.

    Was it the little flap at the bottom of the tube/cig lighter area? Did the screws come out? It looks like there are two tiny screws holding it on. I have to be careful with that myself. I used the heck outta that little tube compartment on my black spy. I keep a couple of dollars in there. In the mornings on my way to work, if I stop for the paper, lotto ticket, whatever, I reach in there n' take out a couple of bucks instead of diggin' in the bag for my wallet. But, IF it's the screws that fell out and made the flap piece come off, maybe it's something that you can fix yourself.:yes:
  5. Oh I'm so sorry to hear this!!! That is awful that happened!!! :mad:
  6. That's suck.
  7. awwwwwwwwww im so sorrrrrrrrry dear
  8. Oh my goodness..I hope you beloved spy will recover sooner..
    I can feel your pain. Hang in there. We will be here for you.
  9. So sorry this has happen, you must be devastated. I do hope they can fix it quicker than they said
  10. Oh my...I'm really surprised to hear that it came apart like that so quickly!! So sorry to hear that...and hope your spy gets back to you soon in perfect condition once again!!!
  11. Awww, that sucks. I hope you get it sooner. Have they seen that happen before (at the boutique)? I never really thought about the possibililties of that happening.
  12. Ladies, thank you all so much:heart: It makes me feel better that there are others out there who understand how I feel and won't condemn my feelings because "it's just a bag". :smile:

    katgrrrl, the portion that originally fell out was the little bar holding the entire compartment to the flap. When it fell out, the bar came out with it and was lost so I couldn't join it back together myself. The little flap at the tube/cigarette holder part also fell out because the entire piece fell to the floor. I have no idea how that happened, because I didn't have many things in the secret compartment (and they weren't even heavy!), and there was absolutely nothing in the tube. The only bright spark is that Fendi is replacing the part for me free of charge :p
  13. There're only about 2/3 Fendi boutiques in Singapore, and they're under the same management so I doubt one could get it earlier than the other. I don't dare send it overseas to another boutique because at least when it's here, I can call and bug the SAs every week;)
  14. Oh My God Honey, I'm so sorry for you, It's so sad! :crybaby:
  15. I find this sort of thing so bad, you pay all this money for the bags they really should not fall apart like this. Is their not away you can say this to the SA at Fendi they should really give you a new bag.