1. The thought of intentional bad things happening to any child make me cry... About a year ago a young family (father was 24, I think, mother was 22 and baby was 5 months old) was found dead in the town where I live. The father had shot the mother in the head while she slept and then stabbed his daughter 19 times before killing himself.

    Our local paper ran a very detailed story containing police report info that I still have nightmares about. The detailed story contained WAY more info than I've provided. Just thinking about it makes me sick, but I can't get it out of my head...
  2. ^^I dont think the child was pushed or anything. I'm sure it was an accident. One that could have been completely avoided. The thought of anyone...esp a baby...falling 500 feet is sickening. I couldnt imagine how scary that would be.
  3. Oh, I know, I'm just saying. Any bad thing happening to a child makes me sad and always makes me think of this story^^
  4. omg that is just awful...:crybaby: