heartbreaking scratch on my paddy!

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  1. *CRY* After telling krazee4coach not to worry about scratches on paddies (see her thread Would you consider a small scratch on lock imperfection?) I did the worst thing today and it tore my heart out!

    I was rummaging for my keys in the side pockets and somehow, I twisted one of the handles so that it was crooked on the bracket that holds it to the body of the bag. When I noticed, I just grabbed it and twisted it back quite firmly (but definitely not roughly) and the stud that goes through the base of the handles scraped stright across the square bracket and now i have a deep DEEP 1 centimetre-long crazy wiggly scratch right across my beautiful buff bracket :wtf::crybaby:

    The worst part is, the scratch seems to have gone so deep, it's showing silver! My previous scratches have been more like faint scuff marks... Has anyone encountered this before? Have the scratches and dents on your paddy hardware ever gone through to the silver underneath?
  2. Oh dear, sorry to hear that. :sad: I know how you feel - I hate damaging things.

    Where did you buy it?
  3. Sorry about your bag!:sad:
  4. Oh No!!!! I'm so sorry to hear about that, it's awful! I personally havent had this problem, but I think I remember other PF'ers mentioning it. Hopefully one of them will come along soon and possibly give you some advice. Good luck and hang in there!:flowers:
  5. I can feel your pain. I've never shared this story on the forum but maybe this is the time to do it. Last April I was in a hurry to get to work and as I pulled on to the main street another car starts honking wildly at me. I'm thinking "What a crummy start to the day, major road rage!". Well, the car stops next to me and yells that the purse I had placed on top of my car fell into the middle of the street.

    My 4 month old muscat edith was road kill!

    Multiple car had driven over it and all my stuff was spread across 3 lanes of traffic. I cried.....put my beloved edith in the closet and three months later I took her out, deep conditioned her and she looks pretty good. There's about three nicks in the leather but other than that I was lucky.

    My edith was my first major designer handbag purchase and I still lover her more than ever. Now I only fear that I have shared the skeleton in my closet...please don't judge me as a Chloe abuser.
  6. ^What a story! You are lucky YOU survived all that. These bags are pretty darn sturdy but I think the trick is to just ignore any scratches or dents. No one else will ever see they are there. Just accentuate the positive! And get in touch with that purse fixer that beanie wrote about...
  7. My mum brought it back from Taipei for me - I think she got it at one of the Chloe boutiques there (there are only two in Taipei, I think). Although she may have got it from one of the department stores now that I think about it...
  8. Oh no! I'm so glad you're ok though, after running through three lanes of traffic to get to her! It's great that she withstood all the traffic though!
  9. And thanks cleocouture - I'll have a snoop around the forum to see if anyone's mentioned something similar.
  10. I_wona, so sorry to hear that happened to your beloved Chloe. Your initial advice had really helped me. I now no longer 'see' the dent on the lock ( or trying not to). Hope you'll find some good tips on restoring that scratch on the leather. Good luck!

    Ceseeber, glad your okay after that bag incident. Sorry about your Edith! She is sure one tough bag though.

  11. Oh God, how awful! :sad:

    So glad to hear that she pulled though OK, though, with little lasting damage! :tup:

  12. Have you tried contacting the store?

    They may be able to replace the 'ring'. :yes:

    ETA: It is the squarish 'ring' you're referring to, isn't it?
  13. Yes, Barbara at www.lovinmybags.com will fix up your handbag to brand new condition in short order! I have had two bags with smudges and even a stray INK mark (HORRORS!!!) redone to perfection! :tup: One, the medium craie, and the other a large tan travel sized paddy...both from 2005. Both came out brand new and perfect! :heart:
    Also, my daughter tells me that she had one of her large black zippy's zipper-pulls break, (this is that little piece that fits under the zipper pull), and she had a welding shop (they do antique lamps) fix it! I was amazed. Her only other alternative was to send it to New York to the shop that the Chloe boutique uses, (the name escapes me for now, I have to look for it!) and they would have had to replace BOTH top zippers. :sad:
    I had the top zippers replaced on a large black '05 travel paddy that I have, and they don't use the EXACT same rings for the zipper pulls that come from the factory...they are the same size, but without the tiny short skinnier piece on the ring, that the Chloe factory uses. Otherwise, they are fine...this was the time I sent it to the Chloe boutique and the manager "Megan" sent it off for me...but then she told me that they only wanted to fix Chloes that were bought there. So now...if I have a repair, I guess I have to send it there myself.:tdown: Chloe is NOT very cooperative about repairs if you purchased the bag anywhere other than one of their stores. But between lovinmybags.com and the NY repair shop....it should be okay:smile::yes: