heartbreaking dilemma!

  1. (my first post, yay :yes: ) anyway, here's my dilemma:
    I got a super cute coach for my birthday (shown below!), and as much as I love it the nagging practicle voice in my head is telling me to switch it at the store for a more traditional one (i.e. signature small soft duffel in khaki) that may still be in style by next year, since I don't know when I'll be able to buy my next coach. To add to the dilemma, the purse I got for my bday was the only one of its kind left in the state, so if I return it, its gone. I need opinions from fellow purse lovers--should I stick with the cutesy one that may be yesterday's news by next summer, or go for a less fun but longer lasting style?

    The purse I have now:

    Thanks guys!
  2. Get the purse you want more, the one you will carry for longest.

    I got my mom a purple suede coach bag last year as a gift but she ended up exchanging it for something else. I was not offended. A handbag is a very personal purchase and getting one as a gift for someone is always risky unless you know EXACTLY what they want.
  3. If you are having second thoughts about the bag...and you think you should get a more classy bag I would go for it. I went through a phase and bought "it" bags like this one but it was the hobo..& I don't use it as much as my more traditional bags. But, it's totally up to you.
  4. I do a good job of rotating ALL my bags...both traditional and trendy....I consider myself a collector and love ALL my bags...and therefore I use them all...and will continue to do so as long as I love them. That said, if you think you won't be able to carry this....do what you have to do. That's what gift receipts are for!
  5. I would definitely go with what you like more. I mean, the good thing about the more classic lines in Coach is that they come back every season, so you could always just ask for it at another time, right ? ;)
  6. This is so true. I originally specified the duffel as what I wanted for my bday, but I think my mom (the gifter of said purse) was a bit swayed by the SA's preference for the trendy bag-of-the-month type purse, and her enthusiastic declaration that my mom HAD to buy the purse because it was THE LAST ONE IN THE STATE. She would have gotten me the duffel otherwise. Right now I'm leaning towards exchanging the purse....its adorable (I :heart: the satin-y flower print), but I'm not sure if its "me" (or if it will go with my wardrobe!)

    Thanks all....additional comments/suggestions still welcome!
  7. If you are having second thoughts, then return it :smile: You can always get this off Ebay in the future if you feel later that you want it :smile:
  8. I'd vote for getting something a little more traditional. I'm not too partial to this version of the patchwork line because it looks so spring/summery that I wouldn't use it during the fall or winter. Maybe if you still want something in the patchwork line you can opt for the denim ones? They look pretty versatile for all seasons :o)
  9. get witch one you would use the most.
  10. I would trade it in for the bag that you like also. I like to be able to carry a bag all year and you may not be to crazy about this bag next year.
  11. I have that exact bag in the brown color, if you like the style get it in a different color. If you would prefer the other bag than get it, you can always order that one off of coach.com if you really miss it.
  12. I can't quite tell from your post which bag you want more, but you should definitely go with your heart! That being said, I wouldn't be afraid of keeping this purse because it doesn't seem as classic if you will really use it a lot. Granted, this one won't be great for winter, but it's a cute spring/summer bag and the patchwork is adorable. You can always get a cheaper bag to use in the fall and winter that stands up to the rain and snow well. If you really do want an all-season bag, though, exchange it.
  13. I agree with the others, get what you want. Your mom gold sold on it by some silly line of "it's the only one left in the state"

    You can always order it from coach directly so 2 days from now there could be more "in your state"....

    Get the one you want, and one that can be used year round if your not able to get another before winter.
  14. yeah, I think this is adorable for summer, but won't look right in the fall/winter. The khaki can be used year round.
  15. I would sit on this bag and keep it, they really are all out of this particular style right now--go to a Coach outlet, and pick up a traditional bag for a great deal--I think that this is a really fun bag, I own it, and have been wearing it all Spring/Summer.