Heart wristlet

  1. Hey guys, I recently became the owner of the white wristlet with the different color hearts on it. I was wondering if anyone knew exactly when that came out?
  2. Knowing coach, it woud been around valentines day. But I haven't seen anything like that in over a year I think? Is there a code inside?
  3. There isn't a code inside. In fact, none of my wristlets have codes inside that I can see. Perhaps I'm not looking in the right place?
  4. I think its 05, not sure though, but a couple of girls around here have it so they should be able to shed more light.
  5. is this it?
  6. That is it. Isn't it pretty?:graucho:
  7. 7847 is the item number, Anyone else able to find out a year/season? You could call Coach and ask them.
  8. The Hearts look like the ones from Valentines 2002 collection.

    And Yes it is super cute!!!
  9. Is there some database of model numbers somehwere I should know about?
  10. OMG, this is amazing. I have been collecting stuff w/ no idea when it was from.
  11. I've seen the database posted before. Can someone tell me how one goes about using it? I see a few of my bags on this one page but have no idea how to access info about the bag or it's style name or number.

  12. I usually just browse through that link or "drill down" on the current coach website. I don't have the drill down link on this computer though :push:
  13. where would I find the "drill down" link?