Heart worms

  1. We took our adoptee Sadie to the vet this week to get checked over and sure enough she's got heartworms. She's going back tomorrow to receive a pill to kill the larvae and they're keeping her all day to make sure she does OK. Then in Oct. she's getting the big guns treatment. The vet says we'll have to keep her quiet and calm for up to 3 weeks to prevent pieces of the dying worms from breaking off and causing an embolus which could kill her. I already knew all this because my GF had her dog treated last year. My GF's dog is a pretty sedentary indoor dog so it was easy to keep her quiet, but Sadie is an outdoor dog and her boon companion is our wild little boxer puppy, Violet, who loves to run and play with Sadie. So I guess my question is....has anyone here had their dog treated for heartworms, and what was it like? Any and all info is greatly appreciated! TIA!
  2. oh no...
    i hope the treatment goes okay....
    hugs and kisses to your pup....
  3. Good luck with the treatment! Have you talked to the vet for tips of trying to keep her calm? I know this isn't the best answer, but would the vet recommend a sedative of some sort?
  4. Heartworm is a mosquito borne illness, and it is now recommended that all animals be treated with prevention (heartgard) each month (up north it used to be only summer). This means dogs and cats, and yes, indoor cats too! I hope it works out for you!
  5. banadryl is your friend for times like these. :yes:
  6. what kind of treatment is your dog having? could you be more specific? i'm really interested.

    i have a shih tzu which was given by my aunt. he has a brother who has a heartworm. this was diagnosed around 3 years ago. sam ( my dog's brother) was having attacks of syncope so he was brought to a vet. lab tests were done and they revealed heartworm. the vet said if he will give him shots to kill the worms, they will all die and get stuck in his heart causing obstruction and eventual death, so it was very risky and he advised us against it. instead sam is just kept away from his siblings and inside the house with his mom. they try not to scare or surprise him. they won't allow him to run for a very long time (he's just inside the house anyway, but they do have a big house with several floors, so he still has an exercise). however he still occasionally has attacks/ episodes wherein he would just drop dead, awake but unable to move. after a few minutes he recovers but he is weak after that.

    i'm just curious if the we had the right decision for our dog. the vet strongly advised us against getting him treated. so i really want to know what medicines they'll be using on your dog and how he is responding, since he already was given the initial treatment.

    good luck with the treatment of your dog. i hope he can fight the worms in his heart :smile: