Heart Update?

  1. I've seen some talk about this but can't find the thread now :sad:

    I'm talking about the upcoming heart coin purses.

    I know they're being made in vernis (which colors?), and monogram multicolor.... any others? Are you guys on a wait list? Are they LE? And how much?
  2. Vernis...pomme d'amour, framboise and perle $350-- I think all three colors, someone correct me if I'm thinking of the flat pouch coming in the three colors.
    MC in white only $390.
    LE, get on a wait list if you want them!
    If you want more info do a search there are several threads with pics etc....
  3. ^^^yep, release date Feb 1
  4. Yup...micklois has it all right.
    I can't wait for the 1st for my heart coin purse lol.
  5. which do you think is going to be the hottest colour thats gonna be sold out first???
  6. Just around the corner! : )
  7. I'm probably too late for the waiting list... debating whether or not to snag one on eBay. The multicolor is cute, but the pink vernis has the charms...

    EDIT: just got on multicolor list!
  8. It is so cute.
  9. :yes:
  10. Very cute!!! Are they big enough to hold credit cards or only big enough to use as a change purse?
  11. is it LE or seasonal?
  12. I'm glad that the MC Heart Purse will only come out in white... :nuts:

  13. Not enough for a card. Just coins... But they are really adorable!
  14. I'm waitlisted for both the vernis pomme d'amour and the multicolor heart. My SA (in Oslo) said that they'll only receive 9 pomme d'amour hearts here, and I'm number 6 on the list. Great - looking forward to get them!
  15. i just put myself on the wait list as well i'm so excited :yahoo: