Heart shaped diamonds -- what do you ladies think?

  1. I know a lot of you ladies prefer RB for it's bling factor cuz it sparkles so much....but what do you think about heart shaped diamonds??? :idea:

    Are they (and other fancy cut diamonds) priced the same as RB?
    ((I have heard that the hearts are generally more expensive because in the process of forming the heart, you lose the carat weight))

    What do you think of heart shaped diamonds??? especially as an e-ring???

    Pictures would be greatly appreciated:girlsigh: I'd really love to see some gorgeous heart diamond rings....TIA!!:heart:
  2. Hi I havent got a heart shaped ring, but I do love the style, I think it looks better in a simple setting to show of the heart shape more. I havent heard that heart shapes are more expensive than RB, in fact I heard that RB can be more expensive, a great site that can give you lots of information is pricescope.
  3. on the opposite side of the spectrum i detest hear shaped diamonds (keep into account that I'm a guy) they are cutesy and trendy to me, (dare i say tacky) they lack sophistication and are not a classic IMO. I feel so horrible saying that since you stated that you loved them but its IMVHO. but you know what if waking up to a heart diamond on you finger makes you smile and think of your SO then by all means get it but its not my style.
    (i feel bad today i gave two thumbs down on the jewelry forum today :sad: sorry)
  4. I have a heart shaped ring, and I love it :heart:.

    Even though mine is over 1.5 carats, it isnt huge as obviously the shape is distributed out more, but I love it even more for that, its just a lovely shape and I always wear mine with my heart bottom pointing out, as somebody said that, that way, everybody is receiving love which I thought was super cute!!!

    Its my fave shape so I would recommend it completely.
  5. i loved the heart shaped diamonds and was set on one for an e-ring, but when crunch time came, i choose the RB instead (as it is more classic and i found that is sparkled more)

    And yes, you did "lose" the carats in the sense as the way the heart shape is cut and proportioned. As Chloe-babe said, if you compare the same sized RB and Heart Shaped diamond, the heart looks smaller
  6. Fancy cut diamonds (such as hearts or marquise) are often more expensive because there's more stone cut away (and unusable) than with a round brilliant. Also, it may not sparkle in quite the same way- the dimensions and angles in a round brilliant are optimised for sparkle and such, whereas some of that is lost for the heart shape. It is a really cute cut though!
  7. All things being equal heart shaped diamonds are cheaper than round. They will only cut a heart if the rock has faults that fit a heart. They will not sacrifice a round to make a heart and cut away perfect diamond.

    I have seen very attractive hearts that were significant and did not look tacky. In many ways its quite a happy cut as it is whimsical and fun. That being said I wouldnt choose one as my main stone. Maybe for a rh ring? imo
  8. I came across one that's almost 1.6 ct and with the setting (something similar to Halo) it looks huge!!

    I like how u wear the heart...that's just cute!!:yes:
  9. I can understand why some people think heart diamonds are tacky...but personally I think it depends on the cutting and the setting of the ring...the whole thing....

    Don't feel bad, it's Ok, I respect all your opinions and thanks again:heart:
  10. I once dated a guy who owned a jewellery store and also sold diamonds wholesale. He said that they're more expensive for the novelty factor and the fact that more of the stone is cut. HOWEVER, even though the shape itself is cute and the diamond will shine, the diamond will not glow as much as if it was cut in the traditional brilliant cut. He said that if the diamond is good quality, it's a waste to do a heart shaped cut as opposed to brilliant.

    When we read that the world's largest diamond (at that time) was cut into a heart, his respose was "oh, then the quality of that diamond probably sucked and they cut it into a heart to hide the fact that it wouldn't have glowed much. no one in the know would cut a good quality diamond into a heart".
  11. I always have a thing for heart shaped jewelry:love:

    and I only came to notice this when I realized that most of the jewelry I set my eyes on or receive (from mom and boyfriends) are heart shaped, for example I just love my Tiffany elsa peretti's open heart pieces.

    I'm getting engaged soon:cutesy:, which is not a big surprise since I've been seeing my bf for almost 6 years now. So we've been looking at rings and I just love this one (the heart shaped)

    So I'm confused whether I should go for something more classic or go ahead and go with the heart

    Mom said a heart diamond on an e-ring is great cuz it's obviously a symbol of love and what I like is really unique so I should go for it, but I just gotta hear what U ladies have to say

    Oh i'm 22, should I worry about me being too old for such a cute ring???
    Thanks for all your inputs:balloon:
  12. If you like it, then why not go for it? But I like sparkly things, so I think I would go for the cut which has the most sparkle, which would be brilliant or princess.

    And I don't think anyone will ever be too old for heart shaped jewellery, especially an engagement ring :s
  13. hello, e_pinpin, You really seem to love and want the heart shape so I feel you should tell your DH2B that this is what you've selected.

    It's great to gather information on the shapes ( I love learning about diamonds!) but, in the end, it's what makes your heart sing, I feel.

    Later, you may, or may not, decide you also want another style cut for your right hand.

    There's nothing wrong with having lots of diamonds:drool::drool:
  14. This is really sensible advice.

    All of us have different style preferences and heart shapes are yours. Plus, you can always add to your diamond collection if you decide later on you'd like another style!
  15. I saw one at the shop just the other day, and I liked it a lot more than I expected to. They're really pretty, especially if you get it in a nice setting. At the end of the day it's a personal choice and you should go for whichever screams out to you the most.