Heart Shaped Diamond

  1. I received a gift from my client....a beautiful heart shaped diamond pendant and according to the GIA certificate, it reads: D, SI1, .76 ct. Upon looking through the 10X loop, I see a noticeable inclusion. Do you know if this is normal to see so clearly with an aid from a loop? This is my first SI, so I don't know what to expect, as usually I buy VVS for a good size diamond. But since this is a gift, I'm happee, happee, and delighted to accept. :yahoo:

    I'll try to post a picture tomorrow.
  2. yes, w/ a loupe it's not uncommon to see and inclusion on an SI1 stone.
    You can't see it w/o the aide can you?
    Sometimes once you find it w/ a loupe, your eyes can always find it again:rolleyes:

    Woohoo, nice gift!
  3. Well, now that I know exactly where the inclusion is located and because it is crystal clear D, I can see a little speck without the loop. But prior to the loop, I couldn't see it. Aaaaah, I never should have looked. :sad: But, again, it's FREE! :p
  4. when I chose my stone recently, I went by eyes alone until I made up my mind, and only then did I decide to go ahead and give her the once oner w/ the loupe. I made sure not to over analyze it. . . didn't want to burst my bubble!
    Ignorance can be bliss:biggrin:
  5. Big difference bet. SI1 and VVS1/VVS2. But the good thing is that I am finding it quite enjoyable and fun viewing the inclusions through the loup. :lol: The VVSs are so boring and makes me dizzy trying to find anything.

    Now, my dilemma. I don't really want a heart pendant since I have a round pendant already and cannot exactly wear both at the same time, though I tried but it looks silly. DH would be heartbroken if I choose to wear the heart instead of the round. The round is part of my engagement package (ring and pendant together). So, I'm thinking about re-setting the heart to an earring and somehow buy a similar heart to pair it. Finding the exact match may be difficult, so I've heard, and not jeweler carry a heart. How's this idea? I don't think my client would mind either.
  6. Set it into a RHR? Right hand ring?
  7. A rhr is a great idea! I would love to see if someone could make a halo RHR with a heart center stone. It's probably not possible, but would be very unique!
  8. Good suggestion. But, I don't think I want to make it into a RHR. For RHR, I prefer some colors, like sapphire, emerald or ruby as the main stone. Maybe I just leave it as it since it's so beautiful. I'll post pic. later.
  9. I saw a very pretty heart-shaped diamond pendant at a jewelry store recently. If it were me, I'd keep it as a pendant. I imagine it would look so pretty just dangling and sparkling from a chain.
  10. Si1 you will see your clouds. i1 you will see your carbon =)
  11. Thanks for the input.
    I've decided to keep it as a pendant.
    After years with VVS, the SI is actually fun to look at and pretty much eye clean. With its uniqueness, I got quite a few compliments when I wore it today. People rarely see heart diamonds.
  12. Here's the heart. The stone and color are amazing, though the pictures do not do justice.
    heartpendant.jpg heartpendant1.jpg
  13. I would leave it as it is. My father is a Lapidary (for a hobby) I've always wanted him to cut me a heart shape pair of earrings. he won't saying they are very hard to match.
  14. im surprised u didnt get a basket for the bottom.. similar to the marquise at the ends to keep it in place better
  15. It does have a small basket on the bottom.