Heart-shaped diamond : Please help me figure out about its setting

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    by bf bought me a heart-shaped diamond. :yahoo:It's 1.88 carat, h color, vvs2...blablabla (I don't really understand.) He wants me to make a ring (will be an engagement ring but not now.) Do you have any idea about the setting? How many prongs should it be? It would be great if you have a picture. I've searched but mostly engagement rings' diamonds are round.
  2. This is on a cz,but it might give y[​IMG]ou an idea??
  3. Or this,Iknow its a pear,but it could easily be modified to take a heart shape
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  5. Wow, that is a large diamond! I would think that you'd need at least four prongs for security. It is really up to you if you like sidestones. I honestly don't think I've ever seen a heart w/ side stones. I would look at pricescope.com and search their forums for heart shaped diamonds. They have an entire thread of engagement rings that might inspire you. If anyone would have a variety of heart shaped settings, I think it would be there.

    Here's an idea:


    or here:

    or half or full bezel:


    or traditional solitaire:

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  7. I love heart shaped diamonds! They are not something you see every day. You could set it in plastic and it would still be gorgeous! ;)
  8. I like heart shaped diamonds, too. I wanted one for my future engagement ring, but have since changed my mind to a round brilliant.

    Anywho, I like the idea of the heart as a solitaire. It would look nice in either a 3- or 4-prong setting (I like the 3-prong setting, but I do agree with elizat about securing it with a 4-prong).

    I love the look of this ring, with the half-channel band, but in platinum, with your big, honking diamond in the middle ;)

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  10. I'm in love!!!!
  11. Wow, that is one beautiful diamond!

    I like the way Tiffany set their heart shape diamonds:

    I like Cristina's suggestion of a channel set band too, that would look amazing.
  12. What a wonderful BF you have! Congratulations on your new diamond. I bet you're really anxious to have it set so you can start wearing it!

    I think all of the suggestions previously made are beautiful! I'm not an expert at all, but I would probably make sure the point of the heart is set securely -- just in case of an accidental run-in with something hard. I hate to think of it breaking off.
  13. Congratulations....It's my favourite diamond shape...
    Here are some ideas


  14. I love the first one elizat posted and the yellow one Chaz posted!
    I agree, 4 prongs.

    Congrats and HAVE FUN!!!
  15. that is a gorgeous stone, congrats! :flowers: I'm sure it'll look amazing no matter what setting you chose.