Heart Scarf

  1. Does anyone know how limited this scarf is going to be?? Will it be waitlisted - say as limited as mirrior bags were, whereby only a few 3/4 will be in stores ??? - I am now actually debating it -

    as I am an LV collector of Ltd pieces -
  2. Hi Kimmy,

    I'm sorry that I don't know the answer to your questions, but I was wondering what it looks like. Is there a photo somewhere in a magazine or online? LG
  3. It's on louisvuitton.com--it's called the Amour scarf.
  4. Thank you!:yes:
  5. This one?
    LONDON BOND STREET has one, I was there the other day and saw it,It's so pretty but I think it is a bit expensive for 280 pounds
  6. At first I loved it but when I saw it in store I coulden't bare to look at it! I thought I needed glasses. >_<
  7. Oh it does look cute!
  8. I don't think it'll be SUPER limited but I know it'll be $540 US.
  9. Uuugh... that scarf is SO cute!
  10. I must be the only one who doesn't like it (just that I think the hearts are too big.....).......lol..... don't hit me please!!! lol but anyhoo, I saw them at the Montreal boutique, so if anyone's interested.............;)
  11. It is so cute, but wow - $540!!! Anybody know whether they'll be coming out with a smaller version of it? (I'm thinking of something that would be just the right size to thread through a petit noe :graucho: Wouldn't that be cute?!)
  12. Actually its $570!
  13. I love it but the price is ridiculous:wtf: IMO.
  14. Is that with an increase? Because I looked at the brand new accessories book today which has LVOE scarves and bandeaus and these new ones with an LV pattern that looks cross-stitched and the price is $540 in that book. Also that book has the new Amarante Inclusion color and it looks just like a dark, shimmery plum.
  15. I think its a bit pricey.