Heart Purses on Vuitton UK Purchase now!

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  1. hurry guys the miroir hearts are available to purchase on vuitton.com UK version I didn't check US
  2. Not up in the US yet! :confused1:

    So I went and looked at them in the UK site, I watched one go from Available to Out of Stock before my eyes! :sad:

    So I love my SA: should I wait to buy from him and get him some credit (possible bonus), or should I just buy if one comes on the US site -- I don't want to miss my chance! :shrugs:
  3. They still have the Silver one in stock.
  4. the silver one is still in stock on UK site

    nothing on US site still
  5. I can't handle the stress! :sad:
  6. Its too bad that we can't buy them from UK site and have it shipped to US address :*(
  7. Wow! Silver is still available, someone grab it! We're yet to see ANY.

  8. damn....i wan one:crybaby:
  9. Silver still available... :smile:
  10. I have a feeling the US site won't have them, EVEN on February 1st. Makes me sad. :cry:
  11. I know .. but I know someone here in Aus will be posting some miroir soon;)
  12. There was gold and silver at Selfridges LV yesterday....
  13. I would love a heart purse in pomme or gold.
  14. Silver out of stock:crybaby:
  15. Thanks for the info Label! :flowers:

    I'm still waiting to get mine. Hopefully, I can have my hands on them this Feb 1st.