heart purses completely sold out?

  1. Unfortunately I didn't get on the waitlist soon enough, and now the coers are completely sold out! (called 866-) :crybaby: Anyone see them in store recently? I'm dying for the pomme, but would be happy with framboise too. Also, does anyone know if there will be another shipment of them?

    Thanks for your help!:heart:
  2. Sold out??? :wtf: Oh, I hope not! I'm still on the waitlist for them too! Sorry, not much help but I'd like to find out as well...
  3. Umm..I called the Pittsburgh store the other day and they have some...sorry I don't have the number with me, but try looking through the shopping thread. There's a thread for the heart purses!
  4. Here there will most likely be another shipment tomorrow! :yahoo:
  5. The Store Manager in Oslo told me that most of the stores had got fewer than expected due to production problems concerning the vernis coeurs. The MC coeurs however, aren't all sold out. I went to see one but it just wasn't something for me, cute however :heart:
  6. I was also told they had made less than expected as they where hard to make (production problems again!) I've just posted a link to an eBay sale in the great eBay deal thread in the LV shopping section for a Pearle one ending soon and so far under retail check it out
  7. my hubby got one for me this morning...MC
    he got really lucky..he just walked in to beverly center store and they had one MC left
    he also waitlisted for pomme but I doubt that we'll get it tho
  8. Saw a couple in the MNPLS boutique on sunday.
  9. LV boutique in Pittsburgh still has MC heart, I believe. The number is 412-297-5386.
  10. Why is it always production problems??
  11. My store had some last time I was there but not very many..
  12. there are still some left. there are people going into the stores and just getting them, so i say you make a trip to the lvs near you and see if they are there!!
  13. Just saw these featured in the new US Weekly today!
  14. There are many available in London.

  15. WHAT!?!?!?!
    What else was there besides the perle?