heart purse

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  1. hi i was wondering if anyone knew if the multicolor heart purse is going to be made again for this valentines and if anyone knew the approximate price of it? i saw it online a few months ago and i think its sooo cute but it was too late to find it in the store
  2. rumours are it will come out in miroir next valentines.
    uncomfirmed so far.
  3. It was $345 last year, the multicolor, not sure how much the vernis ones were...
  4. i think it would be awesome if every V-day they came out it with in a different color.
  5. So far it is thought to be coming in Amarante & possibly Black MC (speculation) later this year
    And Miroir next year

    As yet we do not full confirmation on these items so just keep your fingers crossed for a little while longer
  6. OMG a mirroir one??? That would be so pretty!
  7. okay thanks for your help everyone i'm looking forward to it and the miroir sounds really nice:smile:
  8. I haven't heard anything about them. They are really cute, you may have to look around for one... I second the miroir, that would be MINE!