Heart purse in MC white on Ebay

  1. My SA told me that some of the stores who recieved the Valentine collection early started selling them right away which of course caused a commotion. Now everyone has to wait until Feb. 1st. AND my SA also said that there will be a super limited edition heart coin purse in red vernis....Of course I'm on the wait list for that!!!!!
  2. yummy! :smile:
  3. I think that the Ala Moana LV boutique already sold out their heart change purses.
  4. is this going to be as much as a fuss as miroir?
  5. They are so cute!
  6. I thought they were available now? Can you fit a credit card in it?

  7. In another thread a pf'er confirmed that no it doesn't fit cc's ....:sad:
  8. I think so!
  9. Wow- that's hot!
  10. They are really cute!
  11. Yeah--it certainly doesn't look big enough to hold CC's...I wish they could... :sad:
  12. What's the retail on this? I'm gonna guess it isn't as much as $435, so I don't get why the seller is selling it for that much, when everyone could be patient and wait a couple of weeks to get one at retail price. Am I being silly here?
  13. So cute!! I want to get one to celebrate my upcoming wedding!
  14. hahah it's eboutique in philly. i bought suga buds from her last year...i know she jacks her LV prices up but she does pack very nicely and add a few little goodies in :biggrin: