Heart Purse Decision

  1. I've decided I want a Heart Purse. :yes:

    I know I should be able to make my own decision :shame:
    but does anyone have any suggestions?

    I have put my name down for a MC White Heart Purse. I currently have a MC White Cles. And I love the Heart Purse - but wondering if I should consider the Vernis Heart Purse. Since I have and love the MC White Cles.

    Here are my choices - does anyone know if the Heart Purse will come in MC Black?????????? I would get that more than likely. But I love how it looks in MC White also. So I would like any suggestions, if anyone has a preference, and why. ;)

    1. MC White Heart Coin
    2. Pomme de'Amour Heart Purse
    3. Raspberry Heart Purse
    4. Perle Heart Purse
  2. I haven't heard anything about MC black, sadly. We can hope.

    As Pomme is the new color, having a heart purse in it is kind of a cool way to add some Pomme to your collection. The dark red would look amazing with mono, imo. Very sophisticated.

    Pink is girly (my favorite color) and I think it would look best of all of them hanging from a monogram multicolor bag.

    Perle would look great hanging from any of the vernis bags, imo. Someone said it looked good hanging from a mono canvas bag... I didn't think it would look good, but perhaps it will!

    And Monogram Heart purse looks.. just.. adorable. It would look killer against a Black Monogram Multicolor bag, and I might use it with a white monogram multicolor bag. Same print, but I still think it would look cute.

    I think it just depends on what you want to use it with/for. I'm going to be hanging mine from bags as decorations.

    Another thing - is the charms. We've seen that the pink ones come with little charms, not sure if all the vernis ones do. The Multicolor one doesn't seem to.

    All in all... I want them all. :sad:
  3. I forgot to mention, the MC White does not have the charms, this is why I'm considering should I put my name on one of the above colors instead. I know I'll still love owning MC White Heart Purse if I went for it, but would love to get a Monogram Vernis Heart Purse. But I can only get one. As I plan on buying a purse also. :yahoo:
    Part of me wants to get Vernis Pearl - because of my name is Pearl lol. But I'm not sure about White Vernis. How delicate it might be to stains, ect.
  4. I have a handbag in vernis pearle and it isn't too delicate, surprisingly. :yahoo:
  5. I wish i could get them all lol. But can only get one. Thank you so much for your reply. Its all taken into consideration. :yes:
  6. I'm on the waitlist for the monogram multicolor one just like you... it was the one I was initially "drawn to" so I guess I should trust my instincts. The red one is so sexy, though, and pink is my favorite color. So I'm stuck. I was thinking of getting one of each, but then I realized how much it would cost!
  7. Ahh, another thing to take into consideration:

    Are they all limited edition, and is one of the colors rarer? (Someone should know this!)

  8. I'm getting the candy apple one :smile: I CAN'T WAIT :wlae:
  9. I admit - I'm more drawn to MC Heart Purse. But not sure yet either. I think in the next few days though, I should put my name down if I decide something else. And I wish it did have the Charms. But its still perfect in its own way. I'm always a Heart person. So I know I can't miss out on this Heart Purse. Even though its a lot of money for something so small. I'll treasure it thats for sure. :yes: And I'll actually use and enjoy whatever one I get.
  10. Good Question, I would like to know this also. I kind of thought they were all LE? But I don't really know this either. Except I'm loving the Heart Purse. :love:
  11. I don't have an answer for you on the limited edition question, but I think they are ALL adorable!! Didn't realize the mc was $400. Why doesn't it have the charms that the vernis ones have? They are too cute!!

  12. Petition LV to give us charms with our multicolor heart purse IMO! :yahoo:
  13. I'm leaning toward the Pomme de'Amour Heart Purse even though I keep telling myself I don't really need it.

    Love it because it's a new color, the charms are awesome looking and it's just so RED! :love:
  14. OK - after looking at the charms more closely on the Heart Vernis - I like the Pomme de'Amour - because of the charms look the best. The charms sort of look like they have gold in the middle. If anyone knows what I'm talking about lol. While the Perle has sort of white in the middle of the charms, and so does the pink has like a pink centre. So I'm sort of liking the the Apple more above the other two colors. So I'm almost there making a decision, but still not put my name down insttead for the Apple Red one. :shame:
  15. MC White Coin Purse... you already know how much I love it, dazlin! :p