Heart pocket square

  1. Just wanted everyone to know, there is a heart pocket square that matches the bandeau the stefania posted yesterday. It is in the 'valentines' catalogue. Sorry, I don't have pic.
  2. thanks for the info!do you know the price?
  3. Thanks for the info, Twinkle!
  4. Do you know the dimensions of the pocket square?
  5. Can we get the catalog in the store?
  6. It's getting me curious now...:shrugs:
  7. I'm going to the mall this afternoon to check out all this stuff.
  8. cool..
  9. I don't, but it's probably about 145.00, the same as the MC one.
  10. Usually 22 x 22
  11. That would probably look nice tied on a bag.
  12. Thank you! That's much more managable than the scarf/shawl one.
    I'd like to wear it as a headband and on my speedy!
  13. thank you. tomorrow i will ask for it.
  14. Cute :smile:
  15. sounds cute...love to see the pics.