Heart pendant

  1. I just saw this at Hermes.com & think it's so cute:


    Has anyone seen it in real life? Can it also work as a scarf ring?
  2. Wow, that would be an adorable scarf ring! For a mousse?? in horn??? thanks for the pic, tangle!
  3. Horn would be beautiful, Katel! :yes:

    I remember the scarf booklet a few years ago used two Chain d'ancre rings to make a heart effect, and it looked very nice, but I couldn't imagine the two rings would ever stay in place.
  4. That's so cute!!! :tup:
  5. Tangle, I was looking on that site and saw that too.....I like it! I have a small heart in this same design on a silver necklace with a toggle....will attach a pic for you.

    I don't feel that the one on the H site would be large enough to use as a scarf ring.....it looks like the picture is an enlargement....does it look that way, to you?

    Here's my necklace....it sits on the collarbone....

  6. thats adorable. i think its so sweet!
  7. Tangle ~ :heart::heart::heart:....Hearts Are My Absolute Favorite!!!

    Isus ~ Your Heart Looks So Super Pretty On!!!:heart: ......I Agree Looks To Small For A Scarf Ring (I Wouldn't Want Anything To Happen To It).
  8. Isus, what a beautiful necklace! Yes, it is difficult to tell the scale from the web site. I was hoping it might be the size of a twilly ring, but it could easily be the size of your heart, depending on how thick that cord is in the web picture. Maybe I'll email H and see if they can tell me the dimensions!