:heart: my new Roses Pochette, but how about a longer strap?

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  1. ... What kinds of straps are there? I have a Roxbury and can take that strap off and attach it to the roses pochette. But the Eva has a longer strap - is that available separately, and for how much? Are there any other straps/lengths available?


    What would you do to get a longer strap?

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  2. I think people usually ad a simple key chain to lengthen it so it can go over the shoulder.
  3. Thanks, I know and I got one years ago, but I don't like that much gold stuff hanging over my shoulder. I prefer a simple leather strap. :smile:
  4. Hmm. Well I am considering buying the long strap that LV sells. I know there are other members here who have them so they can wear their pochette across the body.

    I'm not crazy about the price of the LV straps but I probably will just get one in case I want to be hands free.

    I too am not crazy about the keychain option.
  5. The strap from my Eva works perfectly on the Roses pochette, except mine has started to get a littlel patina on the strap so it didn't quite match but that's no big deal to me.
  6. ^Thank you both. I will try to order an Eva strap separately and see how it goes. I hope they sell one to me, even though they know from my purchases in their computer that I didn't buy the Eva. :smile:
  7. I have the longer adjustable strap that works great with the pochette. I was going to get rid of it but now I'm glad I kept it.
  8. LV sells the straps separately. I don't know about buying an "Eva strap". IF you go on-line on the LV website you can see the different straps they sell. I ordered the 1/2 inch adjustable for the pochette.

    The price is outrageous but it is what it is.
  9. Wow, I didn't even know LV sold straps for the bags! tPF is constantly educating me. Now should visit our local store to check them out. I'd love to wear some of the bags crossbody.
  10. Small update - I got the thin vachetta strap for wearing her cross-body which is great. The Roxbury strap goes to the waist, and of course there's the short strap. They also sell a wider vachetta strap that is adjustable, as well as an adjustable canvas strap. Lots of choices, if not really cheap.
  11. Do you have any photos of the thin strap on your roses pochette? Or modelling photos? I would love to see what it looks like. I'm looking for a cross-body strap for mine too. The one it came with is too short for my shoulder. I also have a Roxbury, so i'll try that one too.
  12. Yes I bought the adjustable 1/2 inch size and it works perfect for the pochette. Still, $210 for a strap is outrageous but it does look good and now makes the pochette more versatile.

    I still like the strap the pochette comes with if going out for an evening thing but if its for shopping during the day, the longer strap is a must.
  13. how much was the roxbury strap?