heart link bag (V-day bag)

  1. I was just wondering if ebay was my only bet for getting one of these bags? Ive only seen one on ebay since I got into Chanel and I was wondering what how much I would probably have to pay for a mint condition one? Thanks!:heart:
  2. unfortunately yes.

    Expect to pay ~1800 for a mint condition one unless it is poorly listed in which case expect to pay ~1400
  3. really? Where can I find a mint new pink one? can you pleeeeeeeeease send a link and would you know where I can find the matching bikini (mint new) and twilly??
    Ive been searching for a year now!
  4. I thought there was one on bluefly
  5. how much did they retail for?
  6. thats not the bag I was talking about. The one I want is the one classic flap in pink with the heart link chain that Micha wore in the OC a few times!!
  7. are you talking about this one:
  8. yeah! Is that yours??
  9. No. Its another PF'rs....gorgeous bag!
  10. How much does it retail for?
  11. Im not positive, but im guessing for sure atleast $1800.00 its lambskin and it looks like a jumbo, I believe.

    they are quite pricey when they show up on ebay.
  12. How often do these show up on Ebay?
  13. i think i saw one over 8 months ago. Very rare.
  14. Aw man. Those are so beautiful. :crybaby: I love the heart link strap.