Heart Dilemma #2

  1. I am officially obsessed with the hearts...Some of you may have seen my post last night about whether to get a pomme or amarante heart...I just got a call this am from my SA that the pomme heart just arrived and as I was first on the waitlist she already charged my card and I am going to pick it up after work...My dilemma is, now I kind of want the amarante one too that my other SA is holding...but don't know if I can justify having 3 hearts (I bought the silver mirror one in Rome last week)...
    What should I do???
  2. get it I've got 4 you can never have too many hearts
  3. LOVE the hearts, I have a perle one and I just started using it , Im in love, Im getting Pomme and a mirror one, probaly gold, but I want silver too!
  4. Why don't you compare them when you're at the store to see which one you like better, or both if you must have them ! :graucho:
  5. You can never have too many.....they're so cute!!
  6. three hearts is the way to go! they're just too cute to deny buying more.
  8. Get it...I think they are cute to hang from a bag.
  9. that's good your SA will let you get 2. Saks at scp said they could only sell one to each customer.
  10. Go for it! They are so cute, LE and rare!
  11. Go for it! LV may not produce more next year.
  12. I'd go for it and get it. :yes:

    They are so beautiful and will soon be completely gone.
  13. I went after work to pick up my amarante heart, my SA showed it to me, I paid and I went to leave and go pick up my pomme heart from my "regular" SA...but...as I was walking out I noticed the Limelight (the smaller one) in black and I had to have it!
    I exchanged the amarante heart for the Limelight and then went and picked up the Pomme heart which is what I really wanted!
    Now I just have to figure out how to post pics!
    I also saw the two new epi colors, both really beautiful but I preferred the darker color.
    One more thing, my SA said that the black mahina is now part of the permanent collection...
  14. agree! :yes:
  15. can you post pics of the smaller heart? I have not seen this.