**Heart dilema**!!! LV problem...vs new cars! :((( ?????

  1. As my previous thread "Heart coin purse count down", I was very excited :yahoo: about the heart and the cosmetic purse. I already had plan for next sunday which is the LV visit and I might wait list for the Mahina XS with the Black Balenciaga GHW. Lately my parents had discuss about me getting a new car. For a while, I'd been driving my mom's car. My mom promised $5000 for the deposist and the rest is my responsiblity. I'm in college at the moment. SOon i'll be moving out. And yes a good car is nescessary. I'm thinking of the Scion Tc or the Nissan Altima Coupe.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    So the problem is If i'm getting one of these, I'll have to cut all of my LV expense :crybaby: until the summer including the hearts (which I adore) & the cosmetic purse. I only work 2 days a week because of school. I know 1/2 of you guys in tpf... at a good state of their life right now ( have money, house, car). I'm just starting out my life and this decision is a big step for me. If I save the expense on LV, I can probably afford 10 months of car payment. Advice please! Parents are no help. They always against my LV addiction in the first place.:cursing:

    New car -> no LV.
    Used car -> some LV :confused1:
  2. I would get the new car... LV is always going to be there. Yeah you are "missing out" on limited accessories... but they aren't going to get you back and forth to work, school and other places that you may want to go. Get the car honey... and once your priorities are being met... then you can go buy LV :smile:!
  3. i'd get the car if i were you. you can always buy LV later. besides, the car is a necessity:smile:.
  4. Hmm it really depends. For example, for how many years do u intend on driving the car? I'm only two years older than u... I've been driving a second hand car forf 3 years now (it was only 1 year old when I bought it) and since I graduate from University this year (and hopefully become a trainee solicitor), I'm thinking of rewarding myself with a new car.

    So it all depends on urself... don't forget that when u first drive, ur probably susceptible to silly knocks, dents, scratching alloys againstk erbs etc. A second hand car might be better off to 'experiment' with lol. That way u can buy more LV too! When u move on to the next stage, i.e. graduation, full time job etc... then u can think about a new car?

    Good luck with the decision!
  5. car for sure...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Get the new car,. no headaches and will be able to get to school, etc. There will always be another chance for LV's
  7. I agree with laura711. Your first car doesn't have to be amazing. I a few years after you start working, you can consider a whole different class of cars. But I'd also like to add considering a lower end car like the Sentra. That way you could have a new car and LV too. Ultimately though it's up to you what kind of car you'd be willing to drive around in and how badly you want the LV. =)
  8. I am a big fan of getting a used car, not really used though only about a year or two old. My first few cars were a couple years old and my car right now, I bought brand new. I hate the fact that when you drive a brand new car off the lot it depreciates $10K immediately! (thats like 4 LV bags right there!)

    I would buy a car that is a year or two old, this way you can save some money but thats just my opinion.
  9. Car... LV will always be there.

    I know it's a tough one, but a wise choice I think.
  10. I totally agree. And BTW, I wouldn't complain that your "parents are no help"-- they are giving you $5000 for a new car, which is something they are *not* obligated to do. My parents never gave me any $$ for any sort of car. I'm 29 and still don't have my own car (and I live in Los Angeles, car capital of the world). So I'd be *very* appreciative of your parents for helping you out w/ so much $$!
  11. I think its fair to point her she's deliberating new car or old car, not no car! Used car will still get her around
  12. I thought about what you said. I'd been driving my mom cars. No accident the last time I remember...and hopefully not soon :s. Well someone pump into my left rear once...but it was totally his fault. I figure I might be in school for at least 6 years. It's either a good cars or 2 used car. My mom's car was brand new since 04 & now there's a few problem.
  13. It's either a new car or some LV. My parents want me to get a new car even though I'm still young. They have the idea of "not knowing about a history of vehicle", no used car disccusion to them.

    Sweetnet: Thanks for pointing out about the "parents no help". Actually I meant to say "parents are no help with idea", not situation-wise. lolz. I would never say that to my parents.
  14. Go for the car. The hearts will most likely be sold again next year. I think LV knows they have a good thing going with them.
  15. I'm not sure if this goes in the States as well, but people in UK rarely drive the same car for six years if they can help it. Do u think that whether u buy a new car or a used car, u will change it anyway after about 3 years?

    Of course.. if u buy a used car, go to a reputable dealer!!! :smile: Speaking of needing a new car I have to dish out 140 pounds (about 280 USD) to fix my windscreen wiper linkage tomo morning... :sad: )