Heart coin purse

  1. I looooove the heart coin purse! It's soo cute! :heart:

    Does anyone know where I can buy one or if they saw it on sale anywhere?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I think you can still get it online at gucci.com and its probably at stores too, not sure about on sale though.
  3. I saw a gold heart guccissima coing purse just yesterday in woodbury common outlet in NY. Call them and see if they still have it. Good Luck!
  4. [​IMG]

    Too cute! I want one too!
  5. awww, that's so cute..I want one too!
  6. I think it's so cute too! I wish it was big enough to fit cards or I would've bought it already
  7. I've seen the heart coin purse both in Gucci stores and online.

    I have the heart coin purse too, and I think it's so cute. But just like mssmelanie said, I wish I could fit my cards (ID, credit, debit) into it. When you try to put your cards in it, the corners protrude into the zipper and makes it very hard to zip up, and might actually ruin the zipper.

    BUT.. this item is super cute =D
  8. Thanks girls! SUPER cute ;)
  9. I want one too. How much are they?
  10. that is too cute, makes me want one now!
  11. I love this one, it is shimmery pink. It is available online on Gucci.com.............I just bought the pink cosmetics case....and this heart coin purse keeps tempting me.... :heart:
  12. Ooooo I have never been on the USA site but I don't see either of the shimmery pink Gucci cosmetic case or the pink heart coin purse on the site....do they just do the pink one in the UK? :confused1:
  13. ^^Nooooooo I wanted a colored one but they only have canvas with white leather on the US site..I should have checked the others..
  14. that's pretty cute!