Heart Coin Purse - What did you put in yours?

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  1. So one of the things I really want is a heart coin purse. :heart: Hopefully LV will come out with more during Valentine's day.

    But last few years, I always thought "What would I do with it though?" Any suggestion? Which color do you like the best?
  2. I like the pink. Although they are cute and I would love to get one as a gift, I probably wouldn't buy one for myself.

    They aren't that useful. I have a space for coins in my Zippy wallet so it isn't really practical for me.
  3. I missed out on the years they came out too because I contemplated too much, whether or not I needed it or not.

    It's not practical at all, but I think it's so cute as a charm.

    I don't want to resort to eBay, so I'm crossing my fingers they're coming out again too!
  4. I collect them. But mainly use as a bag charm. Love my Pomme and Rose Pop.
  5. I love the mirror ones but never bought one look at resellers if you want one take care
  6. Just a charm; it really doesn't fit more than a lipbalm and a few coins.
  7. I use mine as a bag charm too
  8. A bag charm is a neat idea.
  9. They are very small. The only thing that could really fit in them are coins. You can also use it as a bag charm to hang from your bags. I have a multicolore heart coin purse and it has never seen the light of day.
  10. Thank you, ladies! It's what I thought as well. It's an incredibly adorable bag charm!! :smile:
  11. I put my ipod's earbuds in mine :smile:
  12. I use mine as a bag charm.
  13. I use it as a bag charm and I use it for extra coins
  14. Me too.. And I use them as bag charms. I have three....but I keep them on for a few days and it gets pretty annoying just hanging there (lol) so back to closet!
  15. I don't have one, but wouldn't it be cute if it was a little place for your loved ones to sneak sweet little love notes into now and then.. or a different one each day? And when you're having a bad day at work or sitting on the bus on your way home or bored in class, you could just zip open your loveheart and find a sweet little surprise note in there! :tender:

    ... :weird:

    And THAT is officially the sappiest thing I've ever said in my whole life!! :shocked::blush:
    Don't tell anyone! I do so think it'd be cute though. :P :love: