Heart Coin purse reissue-a myth?

  1. Ok, so, after reading somewhere on here that the Heart Coin purse was coming out again in November, I called to get on the waitlist. My SA took my name but she called me back today and said she didn't think they were being reissued. So I called 866-VUITTON and they said the same thing. Can anyone confirm or deny? I missed out on these the first go 'round and I don't want to miss again! TIA!!

    :heart::heart::heart::heart:<---will be mine!
  2. I really hope so!!! Those things are SO cute!
  3. if they reissue, i buying one! look at how much they are going for on eBay!
  4. I managed to get the mc heart but I really wanted the pomme
    but I guess even if they reissue coeur, they won't release the same color again so I'll probably pass
  5. I really want the pomme d'amour color too, which is why I'm hoping they'll reissue, since it's a big color for them right now. I heard speculation that it'd prolly be reissued in amarente, which I also love!
  6. :yes: I totally agree.

    How much do they retail for at LV?
  7. ooooh good question lol
    I don't even remember..I think it was $380 something including tax??

    EDIT: ok I just found my receipt it was $350 + tax
  8. Ohh, a bit pricey for me. But they're so cute, how can you not! But first...to get my Pochette! :graucho:
  9. I wouldn't mind them being reissued in new colours, but I wouldn't like it if they made them in the same colours again.. Amarante and black MC maybe.
  10. I wish they would come back.
  11. Amarante will be released (I believe someone here already put their name down for one), and I personally believe black MC will be released because the white MC was last time.
  12. I was hoping whoever it was that put their name down would post with some info-maybe what store they waitlisted at and their SA's name because both my SA and the 866-Vuitton had no clue. The lady at the 800 # even said they just got back from a sales meeting regarding what was coming out and there was no mention of it.
  13. Normally they don't. Some stores don't even know about the new Inclusion colors and they're in the lookbooks already.
  14. Then how on earth do you get on a waitlist?!?!?
    I'm so confused

  15. i think how it works is basically the SA just knows you so well that he/she will just remember what you are after... or they just put a little note on their own diary to remind what you are waiting for...