Heart Coin Purse II

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  1. :yahoo:Today I bought the second Heart Coin Purse (pomm) for my Darling :wlae:

  2. I absolutely adore them! Beautiful!:heart:
  3. Gorgeous! Congrats!!
  4. Gorgeous, love them both! Congrats!
  5. Love them!!! Congrats!
  6. 2 gorgeous colors, congratulations ;)
  7. Beautiful! Congrats - you are very sweet!!!
  8. can I be your DARLING?? hehe

    what a nice SO you are!! :girlsigh:
  9. so lovely! congrats!
  10. u so lucky to get BOTH...:heart::graucho:
  11. awww, that's so sweet, she will be so happy! :love:
  12. :drool:
  13. :drool: Wowww~!!! Both are such beautiful colors!! Verrrry lucky~
  14. congrats so pretty can not wait until they are released in the states
  15. oh, they are so pretty :smile: